Oil Massage Routine for Health and Beauty


Abhyanga’ or a full-body massage is recommended as a daily practice (Dinacharya) in Ayurveda for overall good health and glowing skin.

 According to Ayurveda, this process of massaging oil all over your body should done every morning for about 10-15 min. You should then allow about half an hour for the oils to soak in and then take a warm water bath, preferably with some herbal powders (churnas or uthane). 

The key elements of the Dinacharya Abhyanga or the daily oil massage are as follows: 

  • Abhyanga - Body Massage for good complexion (Su-Twak), soft skin and blood circulation. It also helps balance the body (dosha balancing) of excess stiffness (vata), inflammation or body heat (pitta) and any lymphatic accumulation (kapha) for overall good health.
  •  The process advised is as follows: 

                - Start by massaging the face in circular motion

                - Use upward strokes to massage the neck

                - Massage the shoulders in circular motion 

                - For arms, rub the oil downwards from the shoulders to your wrists

                - Massage the elbows and wrists in circular motion

                - Pull the fingers while massaging each of them individually

                - Work on the abdomen in circular motion

                - Give your legs a rub-down in straight downward direction

                - Knead the knees in circular motion

                - And finally, massage your back in downward motion


    • Shiro Abhyanga - A head massage is extremely beneficial not only in reducing mental stress and strain, but also for healthy hair growth and tackling issues like dandruff, hair fall and premature greying.

     The recommended process is as follows:

                 - Take some oil in a bowl or in the palm of your hand.

                 - Apply it on the scalp in small circular motions using finger tips.

                 - Part the hair into sections and apply on the roots and scalp only. This helps in nourishing the roots directly and also prevents the hair from appearing oily.

                 - For long hair, bend your head forward, bring down the hair, separate the strands so as to reveal the scalp and apply just a couple of drops on the roots avoiding contact with the hair length.

                 - Do this till the entire scalp is covered. 

    • Pada Abhyanga – A good foot massage relieves stress and aids sound sleep, since the sole is the seat of nerve endings from all parts of the body. It also helps in repairing cracked heels(which is most often due to vata accumulation) and keeps your feet looking soft and smooth.

     Follow these steps for a relaxing foot massage:

               - Massage the soles of the feet in circular motion.

               - Use a slight pulling action for each of your toes

               - Rub the heels and ankles in a circular motion  

               - Massage the calves in a downward straight motion

               - Knead your knees in a circular motion, if required 

    This massage helps to relax and relieve your tired feet after a long day of standing, walking and working. It improves circulation in feet which may have local oedema or swelling. A good padabhyanga stimulates the nerve endings that have low sensitivity due to age or lifestyle diseases like diabetes. It also reduces pain and stiffness in muscles and joints due to excess exercise, age or chronic conditions like arthritis and rheumatism. 


    • Karna Abhyanga - A relaxing, calming and stress-relieving ear massage is especially useful these days for reducing ear and brain-stress due to excessive usage of mobile phones and high frequency sound emissions from most gadgets and appliances.

    You may also follow some additional practices in the abhyanga routine, like Nasya (nasal oil application) and Netra Tarpana (eye-oiling with ghee) for calming the mind, soothing burning eyes (which is prevalent today due to excessive screen time) and last but not the least, for long and lush eyelashes.

    While oil massages have been known and practised in Indian culture for ages, most of us have forgotten these routines. And those who do know about them and their benefits find it difficult to take out the extra time to incorporate these routines into their already packed schedules. The mess and stickiness of the oil and the smelly clothes post-massage do not make life any better.

    Let us introduce you to the world of Parama Naturals' Ancient Traditions in Modern Formats. We at Parama Naturals understand your constraints and bring to you all the benefits of the abhyanga without the associated hassles. 

    Rediscover the magic of quick daily self-care routines with the Parama Naturals range of oils as you dovetail them into your daily regimen.

    1. For Abhyanga (Body Massage), use the Parama Naturals Moisturising Turmeric Face & Body Oil post bath for just 2 minutes.

    Apply a little oil on slightly damp skin using the appropriate strokes on face and neck, shoulders, arms, legs and back. Moist skin allows better hydration, easy application, and less oil is required for the whole body. 

    The Zingiber Body Oil can be used by active exercisers, mature population (above 45 years) and also in case of specific issues of muscle stiffness.

    1. The Parama Naturals Nourishing Hair Oil can be used for Shiro Abhyanga (Head massage) before sleep, before head wash (like regular oil) or post head wash in lieu of a leave-in hair serum and conditioner.

    Apply a few drops of the Nourishing Hair Oil on the fingertips and massage on the scalp for just 1 minute each day. 

    1. Use the Parama Naturals Zingiber Body Oil for Pada Abhyanga (Foot massage).

    Rub a few drops of the Zingiber Body Oil on clean feet (or even on calves and knees, if required) just before sleeping. If Zingiber Body Oil is not available, then use the Moisturizing Face & Body Oil or plain Sesame oil and massage your feet for 1 minute each.

    1. Karna Abhyanga (Ear massage) can be done just before sleeping for only 30 seconds. Make use of the Turmeric Moisturising Face and Body Oil or the Zingiber Body Oil for this.

     All Parama Naturals oils are balanced, preventive in nature, suited for all ages and body types (Tridoshic), can be used daily and cover most common issues in modern lives. In addition, the Parama oils are quick absorbing, non-staining, non-messy.

     The Miniature Abhyanga Potli is a good way to start on a trial basis or to gift it to others.

    So, get your daily dose of self-care with a good oil massage in the comfort of your home without putting in too much effort, time or money. However, don’t let that stop you from indulging in a complete abhyanga ritual once in a while with the Parama Naturals oils for that luxurious spa-like experience!

    You can check out the Parama Naturals range of oils here.

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