"Parama for me is not merely a skin care routine. It represents a time and space from my childhood where I was surrounded by the smells of pure turmeric used in cooking , during pujas , festivals. It stands for the familiarity, purity , comfort of the past and luxury and self care in the present.  When I use paramas turmeric oil, i feel reenergized and rejuvenated. Like how one would feel at the end of a nice spa session (without investing that kind of time & effort ). My skins feels supple and soft and the fragrance how I love it. Using parama translates to a feeling of wellness and wellbeing, like being connected to all things pure and good.  I literally want to take a bite of myself when i apply the oil ha ha" - Anita Nandini

" The curcuma oil (range) is very nice, soothing and effective. I highly recommend it for healthy clear skin." - Dr Renu M 

" Completely endorse your products..... Truly natural and extremely effective. Love all the variations available." - Dr Anjali R

" Outstanding products. Using last 2 years. The products are awesome. I have used most of them and they are wonderful gifts too !"...Dr Rashida.  

" Superb products. Been using them for a while. Highly recommend them." - Nita  (Health and Fitness Expert)

"All products are great. Plus they have medicinal value too . I have used them on cuts and minor burns while cooking and obtained magical results. You should add the medicinal aspect also. These are not just moisturizing oils." - Divya C

"My skincare journey can be broken up in two phases, before I started using ‘Parama’ products and after I started using them.
I say this because prior to using them I was plagued with issues of intermittent dryness followed by bouts of oily skin, uneven skin tone, breakouts and a guilt of often using expensive products to not much avail.
I was also deeply bothered by the fact that my country and culture has such a great heritage of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom that the world seems to be waking up to and yet the recipes that our grandmothers often swore by, were not centre stage in my beauty regime.
I decided to give the Parama turmeric face oils, ginger oil and baby moisturising oil a go for my family and can gladly say that I haven’t looked back since.
I use the turmeric face oils as a moisturiser for my face, on breakouts, as a make-up remover and practically anywhere my body needs it. I am so addicted to it that do not leave the house without it and even have a tiny travel version to go along with me on my trips domestically and internationally.
I use the ginger oil to soothe aches, pains for my entire family including my 4 year old when she bumps her elbow or head and she loves the gorgeous gingery aroma !
I have also used the baby moisturising oil to massage my little girl as well as on her nappy rash which worked like absolute magic !
The safety of no side effects, the gorgeous earthy decadence of the coconut oil and the easy to extract push-spray mechanism make these products an absolute breeze to use.
Overall, I highly recommend Parama and hope it will bring as much joy to your family as it has brought to mine." - Shona

"The purity of the products is unbeatable."- Paloma D

" Parama oils have become an indispensable part of my daily "getting ready" routine 🙂 the fresh smell of turmeric as opposed to concocted smells is just so soothing!!! The ease of application and usage is great and the oil isn't sticky either....Parama Naturals rocks!!." -  Padma N

"While the Turmeric oil is a part of my daily routine... the Oil of Zingiber is also a most sought after one in my family 🙂 What with 3 sports enthusiasts - there is always a reason for finding relief from aches and pains!
I find these products as a perfect gift idea as well since it stands for purity, nature, and care 🙂
Thank you Parama Naturals " - Raaji

"I started using the the curcuma one after admiring your skin 😘 I love the fact that it doesn’t have an oily after effect even though it’s oil based." - Apoorva M

"My sister used ginger massage oil for her neck pain and felt good  relief." - Raghavan

"The ginger one has done wonders for my knee. I also use the moisturising hand & body oil before applying make-up. I feel safe to apply turmeric before putting chemicals on the face especially. Infact I was going to suggest that you may want to consider positioning it more towards a 'safe layer' rather than a moisturizer." - Neha G

I just wanted to tell you how absolutely wonderful your oils are. I am totally ‘in- love’ with the Day oil- it keeps my face moisturised but not oily. My mum thinks it’s made my face fairer- I’m not sure to be honest- but I love it none-the-less.
The night intense repair is my go to for night moisturiser.
I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful sets and packaging you sent out to me in both Mumbai and Delhi.
Wishing you lots more success!
Best wishes, - Minakshi

" I have been using the Parama Naturals’ products for the last nine months. Last September, my husband forwarded me a message about Parama Naturals. He knew I was stressed out because of my skin problems and was quite frustrated trying to find a suitable, natural product. Due to Hypothyroidism, I had dry, white patches as well as pigmentation on my face. You wouldn’t believe the number of products I had tried in vain. Light, water-based moisturisers didn’t hydrate enough and the thicker, oil-based ones clogged my pores and made my skin break out. Chemical-laden products worked temporarily and there was no guarantee of the store-bought, branded natural products being completely natural. Since I trusted the source, I thought of giving Parama Naturals a try. From day one, I loved the ‘Nourishing Night Intense Repair’ oil... it moisturises my skin perfectly. My dry patches disappeared completely within a week of use and the pigmentation/ blemishes reduced considerably. The oil gets absorbed completely and does not feel greasy at all.

"I bought theLite version for my teenager daughter to use at night and it has helped her a lot in preventing acne. Both of us love the mild fragrance of turmeric... it is, unexpectedly, quite refreshing."

I am extremely happy with the Parama Naturals products and highly recommend them." - Sonia M

"Of late, many have asked me about skin care. I would highly recommend checking out the oil based turmeric / curcuma range by Parama Naturals. It is very pure, with no chemical additives or junk. I use their Moisturising face and body version as my daily regimen after my shower. Slather it on, and within a few minutes of application my skin is feeling soft and comfortable and glowing.You can order a sample initially if you are unsure about using oil. I find it quite non-greasy as the skin just soaks it up.

And that is the only care my skin needs with regular use. For the face, I find that wetting the skin lightly before applying the oil helps in spreading it more evenly. Even for the face, with regular use my skin feels healthy, soft, and bright, doesn't need any make up. When I feel like wearing lipstick, I first dab my lips with the oil, and then apply on top.

I apply the Lite before I go to the beach and sometimes spend hours there.

- Vinaya P

" I wasn't a great fan of oils. I have skin that breaks out easily. And as a family, our earlier experiences with oils have been less than satisfactory and that's putting it mildly. However Parama Naturals changed my perception. I like the lightness, love the packaging and love that it isn't sticky at all. Both my daughters use it as well.
And it makes for great gifting! I gave these as gifts for last year's Golu and my friends loved it!." - Vinithra S

" Use all of the Parama products and find them to be excellent! Highly recommend them." - Sangeeta G

" Just started and liking them so far !!." - Jan Ali

" I like all the products especially the faint fragrance of curcuma that is haldi. But if I hv to choose one, it'll be "Oil of curcuma - Moisturising face and body oil'.  I don't have to bother about washing my hands properly before cooking, which one has to do with the costly creams and lotions to ensure that all the harmful chemicals are removed and not being transferred into the food I am preparing for the family. And ofcourse it can be used for face too." - Divya C

" I love my intense oil of curcuma. Glowing skin apart, it has cut my dishwashing time in half. I stopped wearing gloves to do the dishes since I started using Parama. After my nightly face application, an extra drop on the hands has replaced my hand cream routine. No gloves and still my hands are soft and moisturized.' - Niveditha R

" I have used all the products and would highly recommend and urge friends in India to click their link for free sample. The product is too good. I hv not come across a product anywhere near this quality and purity. Do try the free sample and judge by your own experience." - Divya C

" I have been using the Oil of Curcuma Lite for a while now and it has given me amazing results. I use it every night without fail on my face. The mild turmeric fragrance makes it even more endearing. I liked it so much that I introduced it to my parents as well as to my brother and sil, you name it and everyone loved it just as much." - Arnabi M

" Have been using the curcuma oil for over six months now and am very happy with the results. Love the smell,too. Gifted it to many of my friends and they want more and more." - Kalpana K

 " Your ginger oil is amazing! Never had an oil work so effectively against muscular pain....more than any of the other Ayurvedic ones in the mkt." - Apoorva M 

" I would certainly vouch for the curcuma face oil. I have used it for over six months and am extremely happy with it. I have abandoned all other face moisturizers and recommended these products to my friends too."- Varsha C

" I love parama products. The turmeric is so pure and so amazing, I am tempted to eat it. It's very light on the skin and leaves it feeling soft and mositurized without the greasiness of market products. It's also good for gifting." -  Anita N

" I found all Parama Naturals products to be pure and natural. The packaging and size of the products make them very handy and easy to carry in your hand bag. They are also an ideal gift item. I have gifted it to many of my friends who in turn have loved it." - Sapana R

" Really like your products .. they are amazing ." - Prachi K

" As an outdoor activity person Parama Naturals face and  body oils worked like magic, my moisturizer, sunscreen during my runs, to heal my grazed elbows after my strength training. After the long runs Zingiber works well to relax the aching muscles too.
During Lockdown the oils were perfect for a quick manicure and pedicure after the endless tasks of dish washing and cleaning! All my friends have asked me so Sonia you look good what have you been upto during Lockdown - Well all that I have been upto is working for Covid 19 response
Everyone knows I am this no fuss person with no patience for time consuming skin care regimes, my recommendation is try the samples for it has done wonders for my skin." - Sonia G

" I am enjoying this product its truly amazing. " - Padma V

" Have tried their entire product range, and absolutely love it! " - Sandhya B

" Highly recommended... Excellent product range." - Prachi (Health & Fitness Expert)

" All the products are superb👌
I've been using them from the time you had launched them. Love the fresh fragrance of turmeric in the daily moisturizer.
All of them are highly recommended products." - Shikha A

" I have totally stopped using a face cream. The turmeric moisturizer is the best !! "- Vandana S

Zingiber massage oil works wonders for chronic muscular pains and swellings. I am not a believer in non standard remedies in general but half a tiny vial, irregularly applied, has made a major difference to me." - Visty B

"My mother in law's skin, which is severely affected by an auto-immune disorder, is showing improvement especially in winter and dry weather with the Haldi all-purpose (Moisturising face and body) oil" - Ereshva

"I am suffering from osteo arthritis for over 2 years now. Due to this ailment my knees have been affected. The knee mobility was impacted and I was unable to squat, lunge or for that matter sit comfortably on the floor. I used to wake up every morning to a lot of discomfort and sometimes pain in the knees. I am a regular at the gym and used to dread leg / lower body workouts due to this reason.
From the time I started using this Zingiber oil, I am experiencing a lot of relief. The discomfort I used to start every day with has totally vanished now. My knee mobility has improved significantly and I don’t cringe at the thought of doing squats and lunges or any lower body workout at the gym. Infact, I am really enjoying those variations that are a regular part of any work out regime...
This oil has worked has worked miracles for me. I have genuine appreciate and respect for the team behind this wonderful product. A big thank you and best wishes  for your endeavours."- Arif 


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