Our skin is not only a reflection of our outer appearance but of our internal health as well. While following a well-balanced diet and drinking an adequate amount of water is essential for maintaining skin health, it is also necessary to keep it nourished and hydrated from the outside. After all, it is our body's first line of defence against the harsh and damaging elements of the environment.

When hydrated and healthy, skin cell gaps are filled with lipids (oils), making it impervious and water-proof, thus preventing entry of foreign particles.

But skin oil cannot be replenished fast enough through our natural body processes. This results in the skin becoming dry. Continued DRYNESS leads to PREMATURE AGEING of SKIN, ITCHING, and even INFECTION due to ingress of germs, chemicals, allergens! 

Hence, EXTERNAL SKIN HYDRATION is very essential as a preventive measure against dryness. And that is where moisturisers come into play.

Once I decided to completely banish chemical-laden moisturisers from my life, I turned to the age-old, time-proven home remedies that are based on the science of Ayurveda. (If you'd like to know why and how I did it, read my blog 'Reading and Understanding Labels') 

I have been able to manage and improve my skin health by just following a simple, quick and efficient routine ever since. I call it the 'Drip Irrigation method for skin' where the skin is provided with hydration(oils) a few drops at a time in a sustained and consistent manner. Here's how I do it :

  1. WHAT: I began by using simple natural, food-grade oils like coconut, sesame and almond combined with antioxidant-rich ingredients like turmeric. Now I use the Parama Naturals face and body oils which are exactly that, just bottled for convenience! 
  2. HOW: Just a few drops on moist face and body--no excess, no wastage
  3. WHEN:
  • 1 minute in the morning after bath - FACE & BODY
  • 1 minute at night before sleeping - FACE & FEET
  • An additional 1 minute if my shoulders are tired

     4. HOW OFTEN:

  • Daily (A daily Abhyanga is advised in the Dinacharya or daily routine in Ayurvedic Texts too)
  • Occasionally or Seasonally (Ritucharya) - During seasonal changes, I either increase the amount of oils that I apply (the body just soaks it in after a warm bath) or increase the frequency of application (I carry a small travel pack with me at all times, and if I feel dryness, I apply it on the go).

 I also always try to take the traditional oil bath at Diwali, just before the onset of the winter season. 

So now you have no excuse for being too busy to follow a daily skin care routine. This regimen is a sustainable one which just takes 2 MINUTES of your time. In fact, it is like FAST FOOD for skin FOR BUSY PEOPLE but luckily, with NO SIDE EFFECTS! And do not forget the SPECIAL SKIN FEASTS OCCASIONALLY OR SEASONALLY. For a HEALTHY, RADIANT and AGE-LESS SKIN!!

Parama Naturals makes skin care absolutely hassle-free for you by bottling up the goodness of all natural ingredients with Zero chemicals or preservatives. Click here to know more about our products and the ingredients.  


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