Ginger Oil For Re-energizing and Relaxing


Feeling exhausted after a hectic day or a late night? Would you believe it if we told you that the instant pick-me-up remedy lies in your kitchen in the form of the humble Ginger? Yes, you heard us right—sipping on a hot cup of ginger tea or chewing some fresh or candied ginger can perk up your energy levels almost instantly. Or, if you are in no mood to drag yourself to the kitchen to prepare the tea, just reach out for Parama Naturals’ Zingiber body oil.

As part of our mission to modernize ancient traditions in 100% natural, chemical-free and effective formulations, we put together a potent and effective combination of Ginger extract with relaxing Turmeric and Sesame Oil. This oil is a quick and effective way to get all the benefits of ginger to revitalize your body and mind.


How Does Ginger Oil Help?
Natural active ingredients in ginger, like Zingiberene, Zingiberone, d-phellandrene, Gingerol, Cineole, Isoborneol and Citrate, have aromatherapeutic properties.
A warm, fresh, spicy and woody aroma with fresh top-notes, coupled with a sweet, rich and grounding undertone, ensure that ginger oil application is not only relaxing but also re-energizing.


  • Apply a few drops on pressure points like temples, forehead and wrists for feeling rejuvenated when tired, sleep deprived, during hectic travel or when nursing a hangover.
  • Massage stressed and stiffened muscles of shoulders and back of the neck after long-working hours.
  • Rub a few drops on the feet after a tiring day, before going to sleep.
  • A full face and body massage with ginger-enriched oil works on the skin and the brain, relaxing, soothing and reinvigorating you completely.
  • Ginger oil is considered to have aphrodisiacal properties too.


Apart from its effectiveness, the Parama Naturals Zingiber Body oil is convenient and easy-to-use as it is--

  • Quick-absorbing
  • Deep-penetrating
  • Stain-free
  • Non-greasy
  • Easy to apply anywhere, anytime
  • Well-suited for busy modern lives
  • Convenient to be carried in your travel kit too.

 Try a miniature Zingiber Body Oil today for just ₹100.

Welcome to Parama's ancient traditions in modern formats!








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