Haldi Ubtan Reimagined - Reviving a Dying Tradition the Parama Way!


The application of Haldi Ubtan (Turmeric paste or ‘Uthana’ as it is called in some parts of India) is an integral part of the Indian traditional setting. It weaves its way through ceremonies or daily rituals (dincharya) which are still followed in many parts of India.

  • For babies
      • Immediately after the mundan (head-shaving) ceremony of a baby, a paste made of turmeric and sandalwood with water, coconut and/or almond oils is applied on the freshly-shaven head primarily for its antiseptic, healing and soothing properties.
      • On a regular basis, a little turmeric is added to massage oil. This helps in keeping the baby’s skin soft and healing minor scratches, rashes and insect bites.
      • For baby girls, a paste of chickpea flour, turmeric and oil is applied on the body and scrubbed off when it dries. This has a depilatory action and helps in removing body hair.
  • For young girls
      • A paste made up of turmeric powder, milk cream or yoghurt is applied to the face and body for keeping the skin soft.
      • Chickpea flour may be added to the paste as a body cleanser and depilator.


  • For teenage girls
        • Turmeric paste mixed with chickpea flour and yoghurt is recommended to be used daily on the face and arms while bathing. This helps in preventing acne, healing acne marks, sun-tan removal, exfoliation, odour control and deep-pore cleansing to prevent black-heads. It also acts as an antiseptic especially after depilation.
  • For brides- and grooms-to-be      
    • A daily face and body pack of turmeric paste with chickpea flour and yoghurt is recommend as a body cleanser and toner. It helps in reducing blemishes, lightening acne or other scars, and getting an even skin tone with a glowing complexion.
    • It also works as an anti-anxiety therapy during the stressful lead-up period before the wedding. 
    • The Haldi ceremony is an important pre-nuptial ceremony where a paste of turmeric and yoghurt or milk cream is applied on the faces and bodies of the bride and groom to act as a skin-detoxifier and to get a golden glow on the big day.

    • For ladies (especially in the South of India)
      • a turmeric paste is applied on the face and body as a weekly routine. It helps in brightening up of dull and tired skin, sun tan removal, tackling wrinkles, dark circles, pigmentation, blemishes etc.                     


    The recommended procedure according to Ayurvedic scriptures was to apply the paste on the body, leave it on till it dried and then scrub or wash it off. This allowed time for soaking in all the goodness of turmeric down to the innermost layer of skin.

    Over time, the original leave-on procedure of haldi ubtan initially got shortened to a quick application, rub and wash-off procedure. However, with our increasingly busy lifestyles, it is now disappearing altogether despite all its benefits. The only exceptions are the ‘mundan’ and the pre-wedding haldi ceremony, which are being performed just as a token. Several reasons can be attributed to this:

    1. Inconvenient, messy and time-consuming
    • Paste preparation requires an additional trip to the kitchen before a bath
    • Application on the body is time-consuming
    • Leaving it on requires additional time planning of at least 20 minutes
    • Washing off leaves the bathroom messy
    • The clothes and towels get stained
    • And finally, the skin often gets a yellow tone which lasts for a couple of days post the application


    1. Availability of seemingly good substitutes
    • Cosmetics - moisturisers, deep pore cleansers, face washes, serums
    • Therapeutics - antiseptic lotions, creams
    • Products that claim to have turmeric in them


    So, what's the problem?

    1. Many of the chemicals contained in commercial products, for cosmetic or therapeutic use, are known to harm your skin, especially if used over extended periods of time. (Read our blogs ‘Reading and Understanding Product Labels’ and ’10 Reasons you should switch to Natural Skincare to understand how.)
    2. Turmeric is omni-potent and multi-purpose. To replace the benefits of a single ingredient, ‘turmeric’, one needs to use multiple products to get the same effect.
    3. Even if a product claims to have turmeric as an ingredient, either the amount is too less or in a form that cannot be easily absorbed by the skin.


    The Solution: PARAMA Haridra Tailam

    1. What is Parama Haridra Tailam or Turmeric Oil by Parama Naturals
    • The Parama Turmeric oil contains turmeric that has been naturally extracted from virgin rhizomes using supercritical high pressure of 300bar, without any chemical solvents.
    • It is rich in a spectrum of natural anti-oxidants with the key active ingredients being Turmerones.
    • It can penetrate through the skin layers quickly and easily.
    • It is non-staining (unlike its well-known cousin, Curcumin, which is the yellow pigment of turmeric).
    • 100% natural and food-grade cold-pressed oils are used as base and their own active ingredients augment the effect of turmeric (in lieu of the milk cream or yoghurt).
    • There are no added chemicals, colours, fragrances, emulsifiers or preservatives.



    1. When to use-- Anytime
    • Apply after bath, before sleeping or anytime during the day or night.
    • The Parama Turmeric oils have been created as leave-on solutions so that the active ingredients can continue to act through the day, 24x7.


    1. Where to apply-- Anywhere and everywhere
    • Apply on the face, neck and whole body.
    • Packaging options have been created so that one can also use them while travelling or on-the-go between chores or meetings.


    1. How to apply
    • Rub a few drops between your palms and apply on your face, neck and body.
    • Use, preferably, on a moist and cleansed skin.


    The Parama Naturals oil is the perfect solution to get all the benefits of the traditional haldi ubtan or the turmeric face and body pack applications without the fuss, mess, stains or time! 

    So, indulge in the luxury of an ancient tradition in a way that suits your modern, busy lifestyle--the PARAMA Way! Click to shop right away at our online store.

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