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First things First: Why Turmeric? 

 Turmeric, India’s ancient skincare and wellness ingredient, is known for its immunity-boosting, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-anxiety, soothing, stimulating and antioxidant properties. It has been applied for generations by people of all ages to counter the effects of age, environment and lifestyle, and to prevent and address specific skin issues like acne, rashes, blemishes, scars and uneven skin tone.

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Why stain-free Turmeric?

Despite all the benefits, turmeric slowly lost its appeal over time as a skincare application. 

Why? Because:

  • it leaves a yellow stain
  • it is messy
  • its application is time consuming


Parama Naturals has been able to bring back the magic of turmeric into skincare without the mess or the stains.

How do we get stain-free turmeric? 

The cornerstone of Parama Naturals is a pure extract of Turmeric without its characteristic yellow dye, made using a chemical and solvent-free, safe process. This extract is then blended with a range of natural and pure time-tested powerhouses like cold-pressed oils rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which act on different layers of the skin and are quick-absorbing.

The Process

We use a technologically advanced process (CO2-SCFE) to separate the yellow pigment from the turmeric oil extracted from dried turmeric rhizomes. Supercritical Fluid Extraction using Carbon Dioxide or CO2-SCFE is rapidly gaining acceptance as the most preferred extraction technology the world over for natural extraction of relatively non-polar aromatic compounds for the following reasons: 

  • The process is accepted by the Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia as an acceptable, safe and effective method.
  • The flavour, odour and active ingredient profiles of the extracts remain as close as possible to the original raw material.
  • Selective extractions are possible by precisely tuning the extraction process and parameters.
  • The CO2-SCFE process ensures that no harmful solvents, chemicals or chemical residues are present in the extract.
  • The extract retains the natural character, complexity, delicacy, freshness, smell and taste which is most essential for the food, fragrance and pharmaceutical industries.

 Why supercritical CO2 extracts?

  • There is no loss of volatile components during the extraction process.
  • CO2 is an inert gas and does not react with any of the substrates to form allied products.
  • CO2 prevents oxidation of the extract.
  • There is selective fractionation and extraction of almost all active nodes.
  • It is suitable for thermally unstable or thermo-labile products
  • The extract retains the character and complexity of the plant source

Supercritical CO2 extracts are pure and safe for human consumption with no organic solvents or solvent residues.

  • CO2 is non-toxic.
  • There is no use of organic solvents and no solvent residues which may be harmful for human consumption.
  • CO2 contains no inorganic salts or heavy metals.
  • CO2 retards microbial/bacterial growth in the extraction process.
  • No extraction of the pesticidal substances from primary flora takes place.
  • CO2 is certified as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) as per USFDA.
  • CO2 meets California Proposition 65 requirements.
  • CO2 is certified as a safe solvent as per the Directive of the European Parliament and Council for food ingredients.
  • CO2 is well-accepted by the International Federation of Organic Movement (IFOAM).
  • CO2 is acceptable as a food additive by the Japanese Specifications and Standards for Food and Food Additives.

Now that you know the lengths that we go to in order to give you products made with the purest, safest and finest of ingredients, you have no excuse to deprive your skin of the benefits of Turmeric. So, bask in the luxury of Parama Natural oils without any hassle or concerns and say goodbye to all your skin worries!

You can buy Parama Naturals Turmeric Oils here.

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