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Becoming a mother is perhaps the most beautiful and tender aspect of a woman’s life. It is often said that a child gives birth to a mother. It is a new and exciting phase of a woman’s life where she re-discovers herself, her body and her mind and emotions. It is also a time where the modern woman, juggling the  innumerable roles that she plays, is faced with a paucity of time. Lack of extended support systems in many modern, nuclear families invariably results in neglecting self-care and personal well-being.

There are many changes that occur in the woman’s body at this stage and dealing with them while taking care of a baby can be a quite overwhelming physically as well as emotionally. 

All these issues are a result of hormonal changes in the body and a vata-pitta imbalance as per Ayurveda.



As a new mother, we take on a nurturing and protecting role, and one of our biggest concerns is—"Are the products that I consume or use safe for me and the baby?”

Purity of self-care products is absolutely essential for not just the mother but also for the growing fetus or a nursing baby, so as to prevent any harmful chemicals from entering the baby’s system. 

Why Choose Parama?

At Parama Naturals, we understand your concerns for your baby’s health and safety completely. We procure our ingredients from the most trusted of sources, often directly from Farmer Producer Organizations. Specifically, we ensure that we buy only what is grown without the use of pesticides--preferably organic. We don’t just rely on certificates. Since we believe that the products should be so pure that we can eat them, we actually test everything by tasting. And finally, apart from the lab tests, I personally test each batch on myself and on my daughter who is highly sensitive. So, you can rest assured that our products are completely safe for mums and babies alike.

There are more than enough reasons to choose Parama products not just during pregnancy or for your baby but for life:

  • 100% pure and made with food-grade high quality ingredients, with no added chemicals, preservatives, artificial fragrances, fillers, mineral oil.
  • Powered with all-encompassing nurturing Turmeric in effective stain-free formulations which prevent and work on several common skincare issues.
  • 100% natural, mineral, vitamin and anti-oxidant rich bases of coconut, sesame, almond, kokum which nourish, boost collagen production and repair skin elastin.
  • Time-tested ingredients and formulations - Inspired by Ayurveda, corroborated by scientific research. Effectiveness ensured through composition and trials.
  • Balanced and hypoallergenic – good for all ages and skin types, for babies, pregnant women, senior citizens, hyper-sensitive skins.

 (However, we still advise a patch test, because some people can be  allergic even to 100% natural or food ingredients. For example, some people may be allergic to an ingredient like masoor dal or almond oil.)

  • Non-greasy, quick absorbing, non-staining. Easy to use, anytime, anywhere, on-the-go!! Can be used as a protective base before applying other cosmetics too.
  • Certified by the Food and Drug Administration as Ayurvedic Proprietary Products.
  • Versatile, multipurpose products that are sustainable for the self, society and planet!! 

 We Recommend... 

A. Moisturizing Face and Body oil: This is a well-balanced combination of sesame, coconut and almond oils. It works on different layers of the skin and penetrates deep inside to relax, soothe and nourish. Turmeric, which has antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties, protects the skin.


  • From the initial days of pregnancy to minimize stretch marks.
  • For cracked nipples.
  • Full body ‘maalish’ or massage for baby


B. Zingiber Body Oil: Post pregnancy, “vata” is further aggravated due to hormonal changes, lack of sleep, etc. The ginger and the sesame oils in this body oil relax and re-energise.  


  • Full body application post bath instead of a moisturiser.
  • Foot massage before sleeping after a tired day. You can apply a few drops on baby’s feet too before cuddling him or her to sleep.
  • Foot, back and shoulder massage during and after pregnancy.
  • 2-3 drops mixed with moisturising oil on the baby’s tummy if he or she is colicky. In fact, it is so versatile that you can apply a little on your own stomach if you have flatulence.

 C. Nourishing Hair Oil: Excessive hair fall is a common post-partum problem faced by many women.


  • Apply a few drops of hair oil to your scalp daily to prevent hair fall.
  • It also soothes a dry and itchy scalp.
  • Conditions and repairs damaged hair.

D. All-Day Lite and Night Repair Turmeric Face Oils: To get back that glowing radiant skin despite the sleepless nights and time constraints.


  • Apply 2-3 drops after cleansing your face 
  • Use it twice daily or any time your skin feels dry and stretched.     

Parama Natural oils are quick-absorbing, non-sticky, non-messy. Most importantly, they allow you to keep your skincare routines quick and effective as they can be applied to oneself or the baby after a bath just like a moisturizer. When applied on moist skin, the oils are absorbed completely and adequately.

We even have a Mums & Babies Combination pack to let you enjoy these days of building bonds without any worry for your safety or your baby’s. So, if you are a new mum or are going to be one, make the right choice and shop at our store NOW!



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