The Balancing Act - for women from all walks of life - By Dr Manisha Doiphode

Haven’t we all struggled between personal, professional and family goals? Or between personal interests and calls of duty at different stages in life? 

Inspired by Stephen Covey and Hawking, Manisha has managed "The Balancing Act" very well! She prioritised her goals, adapted and planned well during transitions from one life stage to another, while ensuring that she balanced her roles and her interests – as an individual, doctor, professional, spouse, parent, daughter and friend, coupled with marathon running, writing and poetry and even dealing with cancer.

Get some more insights in a frank, down-to-earth and candid conversation with Dr. Manisha Doiphode,  a Clinical Geneticist and Fitness Enthusiast (Link to the recording

Key takeaways:
👉 Practical tips
👉 Ideas that worked in lockdown
👉 Managing positivity through cancer 

What are your habits or hacks to maintain work-life balance? 
Share in the comments below.

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