Ginger Oil for Menstrual Cramps/Periods: Relieving Pain


Ginger Oil for Menstrual Cramps: Anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving Ginger has been used in traditional medicine for relieving pain in muscles and tissues, while calming the nerves.

In Ayurveda, poultices or packs (lep) of ginger are recommended for application for muscular pain and stiffness.

Ginger Oil During Menstrual Cramps Benefits:

Parama Naturals’ Zingiber Body Oil acts as a support for menstrual cramps and associated pains and provides the following benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant ingredients like Gingerols and Shogaols penetrate deep through the skin, ease muscle stiffness, pain and cramps
  • Inhaling the uplifting aroma of ginger coupled with relaxing turmeric helps relieve stress caused by the cramps.
  • Quick-absorbing and, therefore, provides relief in a short span of time
  • It is non-staining and so you can use it anywhere, anytime of the day without the fear of staining your clothes

 How to Use Ginger Oil for Menstrual Cramps

  • Self-apply a little Zingiber Body Oil directly on the lower abdomen, lower back and thighs, preferably after a bath on mildly moist skin.
  • Wait for 5 minutes to let your skin absorb the oil completely and you are ready to go!
  • Apply once or twice daily or as often as needed depending on the severity of the problem.


Massage for Menstrual Cramps Pain Back Massage

Rediscover the magic of Ginger and Sesame Oil with PARAMA Naturals' Zingiber Body Oil, which is a part of our mission to modernise ancient traditions in 100% natural, chemical-free and effective formulations.

It is convenient and easy-to-use as it is--
  • Quick-absorbing
  • Deep-penetrating
  • Stain-free
  • Non-greasy
  • Easy to apply anywhere, anytime
  • Well-suited for busy modern lives
  • Convenient to carry in your handbag to be applied whenever you want

Try a miniature Zingiber Body Oil for just ₹100.

Welcome to Parama's ancient traditions in modern formats!

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