Self-care Routine - Daily 2-minute Self-Love With Parama Naturals


Self-care Routine: Spring time and love is in the air! It's time to express your love to the most important and special person in your life--YOU!! Yes, you heard us right—Valentine's Day or any other day, you are the first person that deserves your love and care. And no, practicing self-love is not being selfish. It is a great way to discover, understand and connect with yourself to achieve inner peace and outer glow. 

How to Practice Self-Care Routine and Self-Love Daily?

STEP 1: ME-TIME (60 -120 minutes) for an inside out radiance. Set aside some quality 'me-time' as part of your self care daily routine. Start your day with positive affirmations. Declutter your mind of all negative thoughts and embrace yourself wholeheartedly with all your strengths and weaknesses. Be kind to yourself and say no to comparisons and self-judgement. Meditate, exercise, take a relaxing warm water shower or a bubble bath, listen to soothing music,  spend time on a hobby that you love, curl up with your favourite book and a cup of coffee or take a power nap ---Just do what makes you happy! And remember to  learn something new everyday and challenge yourself. It helps you feel productive, develop a sense of self-worth, and to stay in “Flow”, which is one of the most important steps to happiness.  

STEP 2: YOU-TIME (30-60 minutes) for positive vibes from all around. Spend quality time with those "other people" who you really enjoy talking to or being with. Those who help you find your meaning and purpose in life. Those who love you for who you are. Those who make you feel good from inside. Those who bring a smile to your face and brighten your day. Spend time with those whom you help and bring joy to. The act of giving releases happy hormones in us. Because what goes around, comes around, whether its a bad penny or good karma!!

STEP 3: I-ROUTINE TIME (2-30 minutes) for the outside in glow. Follow a minimum daily 2-minute "I-routine" to rejuvenate, nourish and pamper your skin and body. With more time, you can indulge in a longer, or you can get the benefits of a luxurious spa-like treatment at home with 100% pure and natural Parama Naturals' products in just 2 minutes.    

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Self-care Routine

Parama Naturals' Daily Recommended Self Love I-routine for Skin-care and Self-care

To look good, to feel good, naturally, Parama Naturals presents you the I-routine or the  “Indian” skincare and wellness routine with “I-care” at its core. With this I-routine that we have created, you can get the benefits of Ayurveda-recommended elaborate processes of oleation (Abhyanga) and paste application (lepa) routines like Haldi ubtan, Pada Abhyanga and Shiro Abhyanga in just 2 minutes every morning and night. A routine which caters to YOUR NEEDS in a busy hectic time schedule when you are juggling home, work, family, friends, passions and interests.


1. FACE & BODY CLEANSING: A warm shower or bath, and cleansing  with Parama Naturals' soap-free cleanser and exfoliating scrub or Parama Naturals' cold-processed Turmeric soap)                                                                   

Self-care Routine



BODY: Apply soothing and calming Turmeric Moisturizing Face and Body Oil all over your body as a long-lasting moisturizer, with natural mild sun-protection and skin-toning properties of turmeric and sesame oil. Best after a warm-water bath or shower,  when the pores are open and the skin just soaks in the nutrient-and antioxidant-rich oil leaving it non-greasy, nourished and problem-free. Or choose the Lavender-Turmeric Moisturizing Hand and Body Oil with uplifting notes of pure Himalayan Lavender essential oil. If your face has dry skin, use any of these oils for the face too. 


Self-care Routine

 FACE: Use the calming and soothing Turmeric All-day Lite Moisturizing Face Oil on face and neck, best after the warm water shower or face wash. Or choose the Lavender-Turmeric All-day Lite Moisturizing Face Oil with the uplifting notes of pure Himalayan Lavender essential oil.                                                                                                                                              

Self-care Routine


 3. HAIR CARE - Nourish and condition your scalp with Nourishing Hair Oil and Serum, preferably after hair wash with a soap-free hair cleanser. Just a few drops on your scalp will condition and nourish the roots while the hair shafts can be left as is without an oily feel. This promotes the growth of healthy hair and prevents most common hair issues like dandruff, hair fall, premature greying.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Self-care Routine



ODOUR CONTROL - Apply Solid Perfume Deo on sweat-prone areas like underarms and feet to prevent body odour and leave you feeling fresh all day.                                                                                                                                     

Self-care Routine



Keep your lips, hands and other dry, itchy patches soft and hydrated with Multi-purpose Butter.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Self-care Routine


 And you're all set to start the day on a happy, no worry mode!

I-ROUTINE - NIGHT ROUTINE (preferably, just before bedtime)


Rinse the face. For make-up removal or deep-pore cleansing, take a little Turmeric Moisturizing Face and Body Oil on a cotton pad, and wipe the eyelids, face, neck, and even lips. Wash off the dirt and grime accumulated during the day on face, neck and feet using Parama’s soap-free ubtan--Enriching Exfoliator face and body scrub.                                                                   

Daily Self Love Routine



Lightly massage your face and neck with Overnight Nourishing Face Oil and Serum for hydration and tackling other skin issues. An extra drop below and around your eyes to reduce and smoothen out fine lines, crow's feet and wrinkles. For those with acne issues, or skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema, we recommend the Clarifying Butter.                                   

Daily Self Love Routine


Apply Nourishing Hair Oil and Serum on scalp for deep conditioning and nourishment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Daily Self Love Routine



Massage your feet, shoulders and neck with Zingiber Re-energizing Foot and Body Oil for a relaxed sleep.                                                                                                                                                                               

Daily Self Love Routine


And wake up feeling refreshed the next day, without aches, pains or stiffness.

With just 2 minutes in the morning post-shower and 2 minutes at night before you sleep, get your daily recommended dose of self-love and self-care with Parama Naturals. This is not just about pampering yourself for a day but being committed to making healthier choices for your physical, mental and emotional well-being constantly. To become more productive and be happy with everything that you do.

Suitable even for the most hectic days or busy schedules or even during travel.

Practice Self Love Routine Daily with Parama Naturals' 2-minute "I-Routine" 

Look good, feel great, naturally.

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