Skincare for Moms and Babies


Surbhi Bhatia, Founder, The Mom Store in conversation with Geeta Prakash, Founder, Parama Naturals

Parama Naturals offers a range of natural ingredients turmeric-infused skincare products that work wonders for self-care during pregnancy, postpartum massage, and even baby massages! The products are versatile and can be used for a variety of conditions ranging from back pains, stretch marks, dark patches, hair fall, cracked nipples, disturbed or less sleep, foot oedemas, and last but not least, skincare to look great too. With a 2-minute routine, moms can get daily spa-like beauty care and get a glowing radiant complexion, especially when they are unable to visit a spa or a beauty parlor for facials, or don't have much time for self-indulgence.

The talk covers -
  • - The journey to start Parama Naturals
  • - A brief about the products and their relationship with turmeric as a key ingredient
  • - What all conditions are the products effective with, especially related to pregnant women, post-party care for mums, and care for babies

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