Diwali Gift Ideas 2024: Sustainable Gifts for This Festive Season


Don’t you feel delighted when you receive a Diwali gift?  

This festive season, make your loved ones gift feel the same too, with packs of unique, sustainable skincare and wellness to help them look good, feel good and stay healthy. Say "YES" to GOODNESS & PURITY, Say "NO" to CHEMICALS and gift them the luxury of pure products. With these, you will also be gifting them the beauty of a new regime of self-care and the gift of time.


The practice of gifting has been prevalent since ancient times across all cultures and holds special significance in the Indian context where giving gifts or 'daan' was an important aspect of one's dharma or duty. It has found mention through Kamadhenu, or the Sacred Cow, and KalpaVriksh, the wish-fulfilling divine tree, which gave gifts of abundance. Or Sudama who carried gifts for his friend Lord Krishna. Gifts carried by the Maggi is mentioned in the Bible. In modern traditions too, every festive occasion is marked by people meeting and greeting each other and exchanging gifts.

 "It blesseth him that gives and him that takes"

Shakespeare might have said this about "the gift of mercy" in the "Merchant of Venice", but it applies equally to all gifts. Because at the core of any gift is the the thought of "giving". And giving could be a physical gift or an act of kindness or the gift of time. It basically implies that you want to help and that you care. It also indicates empathy, because you need to put yourself in the shoes of the receiver to figure out what that person needs or wants. Empathy and act of giving, according to scientific studies, releases the happy hormone "oxytocin", which courses through one's brain and body and makes one feel good. The receiver, too, feels delighted, whether it is a surprise or even if it is a planned one. A feeling of being thought of, being appreciated and cared for. So gifts provide a good feeling for the giver and the receiver, and definitely a way to establish the special bond or relationship between them. 

Festive times and celebratory moments are the perfect time for a gift, a gift for yourself, or for someone else like friends, lovers, family, professional or business. The festive season in most cultures starts with Navratri & Dussehra, proceeds on to Thanksgiving, Diwali and Christmas. Planning gifts early can leave you stress-free. And if one is not very well-planned, identifying some good sources for thoughtful gifts the year round is a good idea for even last minute gifts. With either of these courses of action, get ready to enjoy the festivals or any occasion with full fervour.


 8 Best Diwali Gift Ideas To Find The Right Sustainable Gifts

How often have we struggled to find sustainable gifts for people--loved ones or stark strangers, friends, spouses, lovers, brothers, sisters, bosses, employees, business associates, babies, children, neighbours!

We have an endless stream of questions before we zone into the perfect one -

  1. Will it be unique /  creative? Will it be different from what others are giving? 
  2. Will it be appropriate for the occasion whether its for festivals, birthdays, anniversary or corporate gifting.
  3. Will it be something desirable? Will it look appealing to the receiver? Will they "love" it, or do they aspire for it? 
  4. Will it be useful, even if I don't know their exact needs? Will it be considered valuable enough to not go waste? Or will it just be passed on by the recipient to the next in line? 
  5. Will it look thoughtful? Will they feel that it is perfect for them and just what they needed? Will I be thanked for it from the bottom of their heart? 
  6. Will it be a sustainable gift--can it be enjoyed by the recipient over a longer period of time?
  7. Is it an eco-friendly gift? Now that we're all realizing the importance of sustainable lifestyles for the planet, most people look for gifts that are not only beneficial to them but also harmless for the planet.
  8. Finally, but as importantly, will it fit into my budget?



The gift collection from Parama Naturals provides the perfect solution for your gifting woes.

  1. They are useful for all ages, from babies to old people, for all genders and lifestyles. And because they will make a genuine difference to the person receiving it, especially people with busy lifestyles like working professionals or home-makers.
  2. They are desirable because they have the luxury that only purity can bring, and is appreciated especially by those who can discern high quality, those with sensitive skins, or those who care about the harmful effects of mainstream products for their loved ones
  3. They are thoughtful because they help a person indulge in self-care and introduce them to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle in convenient easy-to-use formats.
  4. They are unique because there are genuinely no other products like these in the market - unique, no-compromise 100% natural, stain-free turmeric-powered effective formulations, which are safe and convenient for all ages and genders.
  5. They can be gifted to friends and family as personal gifts and even to not-so-close acquaintances like employees or business associates as corporate gifts.
  6. They can be curated for special requirements, health issues or needs of the recipient.
  7. They are suitable for all occasions as gifts or returns gifts - like birthdays, pre-wedding engagements, weddings, anniversaries, baby-showers, festivals like haldi kumkum, diwali, navratri, golu etc.
  8. They can be given individually or in conjunction with something else such as add-ons to a hamper
  9. These are sustainable products for the user and the planet. 
  10. There are options to fit all budgets

A thoughtful and meaningful gift not only makes the recipient feel special, but also make your bonds stronger.

So, instead of giving only the run-of-the-mill gifts like mithais or dry fruits or chocolates which are consumed and then forgotten or vases which lie forgotten in a corner of the room or passed on, gift something that you will be remembered for and thanked every single day. 

And if you still must give something else, there is always space to add-on a tiny essential from Parama Naturals like a Turmeric or Lavender-Turmeric Moisturizing Oil for that special touch.

A Parama Naturals product is a must-have! 


A. The Luxurious Touch of Purity 

  • EFFECTIVE - Superior, luxurious, 100% natural plant-based products that are effective & safe with ZERO harmful chemicals.
  • CONVENIENT - Give your loved ones the gift of time. The combined benefits of Haldi Ubtan (Lepa) and Abhyanga, typical 20-minute routines, in just 2 minutes, without the mess or the stains. They are as convenient to use as mainstream lotions and creams.
  • SAFE - Freedom from skincare issues with India's ancient secret for beauty, skincare and wellness--Turmeric--in stain-free quick-absorbing formulations which work magic on the skin 24x7.

With Parama Naturals gifts, you are not just gifting for a day, but for a lifetime. A lifetime of wellness, a lifetime of no worries, a lifetime of sustainable habits. Proven effective formulations inspired by India's ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and corroborated by modern science and technology.

2 - Rediscover Ancient Traditions for Modern Lives

TURMERIC or Haldi, Haridra, Manjal as it is also knownis India's ancient secret for skincare & wellness. It is inextricably woven into the fabric of Indian culture through cultural ceremonies, rituals, and daily life. It has been recommended in Ayurvedic texts for its protective, preventive, therapeutic, balancing, healing and cosmetic properties 

Turmeric paste was applied regularly for babies, children, teenagers, brides-to-be, young couples, women of all ages, to counter the effects of age, environment and lifestyle, and to prevent and address specific issues like acne, blemishes, scars and uneven skin tone. Forgotten traditions, busy lives, the characteristic yellow colour, the mess, the time-consuming routine of turmeric paste application discourage us from reaping the benefits of this powerful and magical turmeric in our modern-day lives.

Parama Naturals aims to bring back the multifarious benefits of Turmeric in a modern, easy-to-use format. Experience the healing touch of mother turmeric in stain-free formulations, combined with the soothing touch of cold-pressed oils. Get natural antioxidants in potent doses for protection from the harmful effects of environment, aging and chemicals.



Parama Naturals products are 360 degree sustainable. Made with 100% natural, plant-based ingredients with the highest levels of purity, minimal levels of processing, yet the highest levels of quality, they are sustainable  for the user over a lifetime of usage. 

With direct sourcing from marginal farmers or farmer producer organisations (FPOs), Parama Naturals ensures fair trade and pricing. In addition, Parama Naturals is working closely with Development Support Team (DST) and Youth Aid Foundation for mainstreaming livelihoods at the grassroots, especially of urban community women, through enabling a digital presence for them and creating market linkages.

  • sustainable in concept, 
  • sustainable in creation
  • sustainable for use over a lifetime
  • sustainable for the society
  • sustainable for the planet. 
  • Read more to know how your gift makes a difference to the society and planet.

What better way to show that you truly care! That you care for your loved ones, for the society and the planet. 


Anytime is a good time to gift yourself and your loved ones with Parama Naturals skin and healthcare products. And happy and festive times present the perfect opportunity to do so. 



Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Engagement, Baby shower, Godh-bharai.


  • Indian traditional festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Karwa Chauth, Golu, Sankranti, Navratri, Haldi-Kumkum, Valaikappu, Seemantan, Teej and Gowri Habba with the auspicious Turmeric in a usable format. 
  • Western festivals like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day - as Secret Santa gifts or larger gifts for skincare, self-care & wellness.

Awards, Rewards, Employee Welfare events

  • Competitions, quizzes, other events
  • Performance rewards
  • Employee of the month etc.
  • Women's Day celebrations

Anytime - Since self-care, wellness and beauty are appreciated by all.


Family and friends

Show them you truly care by gifting them the luxurious touch of purity with the protective shield of turmeric. Express your love and care for them by gifting Parama Naturals self-care and wellness products as gifts, return gifts or add-ons to hampers.

Perfect for babies, moms-to-be, tweens, teens, girls, men & women of all ages, senior citizens

    For Employees, especially Women Employees

    Personal well-being and self-care are a very important part of improving efficiency and effectiveness, but often neglected by working women and busy professionals, who face a paucity of time in modern lives. Our range of turmeric-powered daily essentials are unique in their formulation, ease of use, effectiveness and purity. Being gender neutral and well-suited for all ages, even babies, they can help your employees and their families start a self-care journey coupled with a sustainable lifestyle, as they reap the benefits of natural powerhouses like turmeric, ginger, coconut, sesame, almond in daily routines of less than 2 minutes.

    The Parama Naturals' collection is the perfect way to show your employees that you truly value their talent, hard work and loyalty, and care for their well-being. 

    As Corporate gifts for Clients and Customers

    A thoughtful and meaningful gift can make your brand stand out from the crowd this festive season. Wow your clients and customers with unique gifts instead of the run-of-the-mill mithais/dry fruit and chocolates. Parama Naturals' Collection is the ultimate in luxury, Ayurveda-based Skincare and wellness products for your clients and their families, which they will definitely enjoy and appreciate.  Pure, natural, safe and suitable across all ages and genders. What better way to show you truly value the relationship with your clients. 



    Almost all products from Parama Naturals come in 3 sizes. Regular, Travel and Miniature. Based on the appropriateness (if one knows the exact needs of the user, and you know that you would like the person to use it for a long period or will use it during travel or you just want them to try it) and the budget (few larger products or many or few smaller products), you could choose either of the options.

    For ease of choosing, combinations of these products and at different sizes are been created based on common patterns of usage and benefits.

    A. Parama Naturals Atomic Gift Collection of Power Potlis:

    A miniature ensemble range of 100% pure and natural luxury skincare and wellness products for anyone and everyone.

    Ideal for - 

    • Small budgets
    • Return gifts
    • Add-ons to hampers

    Introduce your loved ones or acquaintances to small, consistent daily routines for self-care & wellness – and be thanked everyday by them. 


    B. Larger pre-curated gift boxes:

    For a more holistic or longer lasting experience, one can choose larger sizes or a wider range of products.

    Ideal for - 

    • Larger budgets
    • Gifts for special occasions or festivals - like an engagement gift for the bride to get the radiant glow by the wedding day, or an athlete who could use the active persons' collection, or the anti-ageing collection for women's day
    • When the specific needs of the recipient are known

    C. Specially curated options

    Ideal for - 

    • Corporate Gifts
    • Bulk orders

    And if you still can't make up your mind about what to buy or are not sure what the receiver needs, you can always gift them the freedom of choice with Parama Naturals gift vouchers. 

    So, make an impressive impact with the Parama Naturals' Sustainable skincare and wellness Collection this festive season or anytime. Start shopping for your unique, sustainable and eco-friendly gifts for all seasons and reasons here. 

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