9 Days of Navratri Devi Names - Rediscovering the Power of Parama Gauri (Turmeric)


9 Days of Navratri Devi Names: When one does a deep dive into Indian culture, one can see how scientifically designed our society has been in weaving foods, culture, leisure activities, daily routines for overall health and well-being. These were often woven into religious or traditional customs so that the benefits reached even the most ignorant of the masses. Unfortunately, in recent times, many of these have disappeared from mainstream practice and often even the rationale behind them have been forgotten.

The Navratri Festival, which celebrates the Divine Mother and her different manifestations, has a strong connect for self-care on. Interestingly, we have also found many connects between the Divine Mother and Turmeric, which almost seems to have Divine powers when it comes to wellness. Turmeric has even been given the adage Golden Goddess, and one of its names is GAURI, or the Golden Resplendent One. 

The renowned yoga guru, Dr David Frawley, says “If I had only a single herb to depend upon for all possible health and dietary needs, I would without hesitation choose the Indian spice turmeric.” 

Join us in this exploratory journey of interesting connections between the different manifestations of the Divine Goddess, the philosophies and practices behind the evolutionary journey during the 9 Days of Navratri on one hand, and the power of Turmeric and self-care routines which Parama Naturals endeavours to bring as part of the daily rituals (dinacharya) in busy lives. 

Here are the 9 Days of Navratri Devi Names

Navratri or ‘Nine Nights’ is a Hindu festival celebrated four times in a year. Named after the seasons they are celebrated in, that is, Chaitra (Spring), Ashadh (Monsoon), Sharad (Autumn) and Magh (Winter), each Navratri holds special significance. However, the Chaitra and Sharad Navratris are celebrated widely and with much fervour.

Observed over a period of 9 nights and 10 days, Sharadiya Navratri is celebrated in September or October and marks the beginning of the winter season. Navratri is a time of fasting, meditating and praying to the Divine inner power of the Goddess or Devi Shakti/Devi Durga/Devi Parvati and her nine forms. Navratri is also a time to celebrate and manifest the feminine power, the innate Shakti within us which gives us the capability to fight the demons or problems in our life.

Though feminine in form, Devi represents the omnipresent, all-pervasive cosmic energy or life force that flows through each living being. During this period, with meditation and prayer, we channel this power or shakti to attain contentment, equanimity and higher consciousness. And through fasting, we take a break from our regular activities, relax, detoxify. All of this helps to rejuvenate our body and harness this energy to prepare us conceptually for the rigours of daily life and in the short term, for the autumn and winter months ahead.

Day 1 of Navratri (Pratipada) is the day of Goddess Shailputri or daughter of the mountain. She is a form of Parvati, who is the daughter of Raja Himavan, the king of the mountains. Here, Shaila means extraordinary, one who reaches great heights. In this form, the goddess holds a trident (trishul) and a lotus and is mounted upon a bull. She is worshipped to help us reach a higher state of consciousness. Detoxify & rejuvenate your skin with the anti-oxidant rich turmeric while you expel toxic chemicals from your skincare regime. Reach out to the ‘Paroma’ or the ultimate in pure and natural skincare and let the powerful Gauri (Turmeric) heal and recharge your skin and body from within. Let the inner resplendent glow radiate outwards with Turmeric-based Parama Naturals skincare products.

Ma Brahmacharini is worshipped on the 2nd day of Navratri. She represents the youthful, unmarried form of Parvati who spent thousands of years following (charini) rigorous penance(Brahma) to marry Lord Shiva. A fountainhead of wisdom and intellect, she signifies love, devotion, restraint and emotional strength. Invoke the divine inner strength of Ma Brahmacharini. Take small but consistent steps to follow a healthy skincare regime with Parama Naturals’ atomic range for immediate and long-term benefits. Get flawlessly radiant and youthful skin with our anti-aging Turmeric-shakti based products that protect against harmful and skin ageing effects of the environment and lifestyle naturally. Glow each and every day the Parama way.

The 3rd day of Navratri is devoted to Maa Chandraghanta (one who adorns her forehead with a half-moon-shaped bell)—the married form of Maa Parvati. This form of the goddess mounts a tiger and is depicted as having ten hands with various weapons and a third eye on her forehead which opens only when there is a war. This is the Rudra roop of Maa Durga who can take a ferocious form to protect her devotees. Maa Chandraghanta blesses us with strength and courage. Ma Chandraghanta also depicts a woman juggling multiple roles with elan—a bread winner, homemaker, teacher, caretaker, chef, and protector of her family. Just like Turmeric- the powerful herb that cares for, soothes and protects us with its multiple benefits- from a sneeze or a minor cut to protecting against cancer and Alzheimer’s, Turmeric shakti heals and protects.

On the 4th day of Navratri, devotees invoke Ma Kushmanda. Her name literally signals her main role: Ku means "a little", Ushma means "warmth" or "energy". She is believed to be the primordial form of Adi Shakti who created this universe or the Cosmic egg with her smile. Ma Kushmanda is also believed to be seated within the sun and is said to provide direction and energy to it. Her glow and radiance are equivalent to that of the sun. Also known as Ashtabhujadhari because of her 8 arms, she rides a lion and radiates energy. With her divine smile, she is believed to bestow her devotees with good health, wealth and strength. Turmeric, similarly, strengthens and detoxifies the body from within and gives an outer radiant glow. Studies show that turmeric enhances the absorption of vitamin D from the sun, while it protects us from its harmful rays. Discover the turmeric-powered 100% natural daily essentials for Skincare and Wellness by Parama Naturals. Glow and radiate each and every day with the blessings of Ma Kushmanda.

The 5th day of the Navratri is for worshipping Skandmata. This manifestation of Goddess Parvati is that of a mother, the mother of Skanda, also known as Lord Kartikeya who was chosen by the Gods as their commander in their battle against the demon Tarakasur. This incarnation of Adi Shakti represents motherly love and affection. Depicted as having 4 hands and 3 eyes, her mount is a lion although she’s also sometimes seen as being seated on a lotus and is hence, also called Padmasini. Worshipping the goddess in this form is said to bring salvation, power and prosperity. She bestows her devotees with immense knowledge. Just like the protecting, pure love of the divine mother, Parama Naturals’ Turmeric-based oils protect the skin and the body through their antiseptic and anti-fungal properties and also against the harsh rays of the sun as a natural sunscreen. The nurturing properties of Turmeric and other cold-pressed natural oils, with no added chemicals that could cross the placento-foetal barrier, keep one safe right from the time when the baby is in the womb. Parama Naturals’ products are as safe as a mother’s pure, unadulterated and unconditional love.

Day 6 or Shashti of Navratri is devoted to the one of the fiercest forms of Ma Durga, that is, Devi Katyayani. She is said to be born to Sage Katyayana through the combined power of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh to kill the demon Mahishasur. With a lion as her mount, Mahishasurmardini looks resplendent with 3 eyes, black flowing hair and weapons in her 18 hands. She not only saved the Gods from the demon Mahishasur but also Kolhasur and Raktabeej. Devi Katyayani represents the divine and uplifting force that restores dharma or truth through its positive anger. She is invoked to put an end to our inner turmoil. She is also worshipped by young girls seeking a worthy life partner and to have a happy, successful married life. Parama Naturals brings the combined power of Turmeric, India’s ancient skincare ingredients without the ill effects of the chemicals in your skincare and wellness products. So, make Parama Naturals your partner for life and establish a loving, beautiful and long-lasting relationship with your skin to get a healthy radiant skin life-long.

Maha Saptami or the 7the day of Navratri is devoted to worshipping Ma Kaalratri. This fearsome manifestation of Ma Durga with dark skin, dishevelled hair, three eyes and 4 arms, mounts a donkey, is drenched in blood and wears a garland of skulls around her neck. Her name literally translates to Kaal, that is time, and ratri, which means Night. Also known as Kali and Shubhankari, she is believed to remove darkness and negativity from the lives of people and bring positivity and auspiciousness. In this form, Ma Parvati gave up her golden avatar to kill the demons Shumbha-Nishumbha, Raktabeej, Chanda and Munda. Ma Kaalratri destroys evil, ends cruelty and removes sorrow or darkness from the lives of her devotees. Just like Ma Kaalratri, Turmeric is a potent and effective antiseptic that fights bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites that attack us. While deep-penetrating antioxidant turmerones combat free radicals, anti-inflammatory turmeric with soothing cold-pressed oils ensure a clear skin which is protected from all internal and external issues and remains problem-free always. Last but not the least, the aroma of turmeric is grounding and calming which brings in a sense of comfort to one’s entire demeanour.

Goddess Mahagauri, who is worshipped on Ashtami or the 8th day of Navratri, signifies inner and outer beauty. The word Mahagauri is a combination of two words--Maha and Gauri, meaning extremely white complexion. Symbolising purity and serenity, the beautiful goddess, Mahagauri, mounts a white bull or Vrushabha. One of the legends around Ashtami and Maha Gauri indicate that after defeating Mahishasura, the Goddess Durga goes to bathe in the Ganga, where she cleanses herself, sheds her dark skin and emerges fair as the moon with a radiant complexion. Worshipping the compassionate Mahagauri on the eighth day liberates the devotees of their pain and sufferings and fulfils their deepest desires. Many people perform kanya pooja on this day where they offer food to 9 unmarried girls who represent the 9 forms of Devi Shakti. Did you know that one of the many names of Turmeric is “Gauri”? It is precisely because Turmeric, when used as an ubtan, gives one a radiantly beautiful and healthy complexion. But most people find making and applying a haldi ubtan a messy and time-consuming process. Parama Naturals brings to you all the benefits of the haldi ubtan in a no-mess form which can be used daily and even on-the-go with its Turmeric-based oils. A one-stop-shop for all your skincare needs, Parama Naturals Turmeric oils are the best thing you could offer to your skin. Moreover, our products are absolutely safe and pure with no added chemicals or preservatives which harm the long term health of young girls and others too. So, pamper your skin with a haldi-ubtan each day through Parama Naturals.

The 9th day or Mahanavmi of Navratri is devoted to Devi Siddhidatri, who is supposed to be none other than Mahadevi herself. At the time when the world was still a cosmic egg, she is supposed to have created the Trimurti of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva), and their consorts Goddesses Saraswati, Lakshmi & Parvati. And then Maa Siddhidatri granted them all enlightenment or supernatural powers. It is also said that Ma Siddhidatri created all the Gods, demons, planets, galaxies, flora, fauna, land, water, all animals, each particle that exists in this universe. And, therefore, she is seen as being worshipped by Gods, demons (asuras) and all other creations of the universe alike. According to another belief, Ma Siddhidatri is also the feminine half of the Ardhnarishwar form of Lord Shiva which symbolises the union of the divine masculine and feminine energies. Draped in a red saree, she looks beautiful and divine sitting on a fully-bloomed lotus and bestowing her devotes with wisdom, spiritual knowledge and perfection. On Mahanavami day, Goddess Saraswati, the giver of knowledge, is also worshipped in many parts of India. Within the realm of the natural world, Turmeric is one such herb which appears to have innate superpower Haldi Shakti. “Parama” or the “Ultimate” Naturals aims to help people get the "perfect solution" through the hidden powers of turmeric and other powerhouses of nature for skincare & wellness through a range of -

- 100% natural products and no added chemicals

- 100% pure and safe with only time-tested, and food grade ingredients

- 100% transparent with no hidden ingredients. Only the ingredients listed on the label and NOTHING ELSE.

- 100% effective through proven formulations and adequate use of active potent ingredients. 

The Durga Puja or Navratri festival culminates with the celebration of Dusshera or Vijaydashmi on the 10th. day. It is believed that on this day, Ma Durga returns to her abode on Mount Kailash to join her husband Lord Shiva after slaying the demon Mahishasura in a fierce, 9-day long battle. And so, the clay idols of Ma Durga are carried in processions and submerged in rivers or the ocean to bid farewell to her. Vijaydashmi is also the day that marks the victory of Lord Ram over the demon king Ravana of Lanka. Effigies of Ravan are burnt throughout the country to celebrate this victory. Vijayadashmi thus celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, of righteousness over evil and the good over the bad. Celebrate Vijayadashmi by choosing positivity over negativity, honesty over artifice, mindfulness over neglect, simplicity in thought and deed over clutter.

Let the inspiration from the powers of the Divine Goddess to take the right steps and make the right choices to help us lead a nurtured life, not just during the Navratri festival, but round the year, and through our life-time - 

Choose the wisdom of ancient traditions, formulations and time-tested ingredients that have been proven safe for all ages 

Choose the ultimate power of Turmeric and other powerhouses of nature and watch your skin glow with a healthy radiance

Choose the purity of natural ingredients and banish chemicals with undesired effects in the short or long term for you and Mother Earth

Choose simple yet effective products that you can use easily, regularly, sustainably, even in the most busy or trying or times

Choose victory for your skin round the year and forever.

With Parama Naturals, rediscover the beauty and power of ancient traditions and ingredients for skincare and wellness.  CELEBRATE EACH & EVERY DAY THE PARAMA WAY

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