3-Way Sustainable Skincare with Parama Naturals


With rising awareness about the short-and long-term effects of chemical-based commercial skincare products on not just individuals but on the environment as well, more people are turning towards products that are natural, safe and sustainable.

When we talk of sustainable skincare products or cosmetics, we mean those formulated using 'green' ingredients--that is, those which use raw materials derived from renewable sources like plants or natural fats and oils instead of the usual petrochemicals or synthetically made ones.

There are two main aspects of sustainability in terms of skincare products: Individual and Environmental.

Sustainability for the Individual : It's a fact that our skin absorbs almost everything that is applied topically. Most commercial skincare products use innumerable chemicals in the form of active ingredients/ emulsifiers/ fragrances/ preservatives/ fillers etc., often resulting in immediate, short-term side-effects like rashes, folliculitis, headaches or long-term ones like Eczema, kidney problems, damage to the eyes or even cancer and type II diabetes. Therefore, it makes sense to turn to natural ingredients which are least likely to cause any harm to the skin or overall health and are, therefore, sustainable for the individual in the long term.

Sustainability for the Environment: Most chemical-based skincare products use petrochemicals, which are derived from petrol, a non-renewable resource. Petrochemicals and other synthetically made chemicals have been proven to be highly toxic for the environment. So, production as well as waste and wash-off all lead to polluting of water-bodies and soil with these toxic chemicals, artificial colors etc.

A case in point: A few years ago, there was a new trend of plastic microbeads in shower-gels and other exfoliating products. These microbeads did not get dissolved in water, and it was found in a study conducted in the US in 2015 that over 8 trillion microbeads were being washed into the waterways every day. Later that year, U.S. President Barack Obama signed a bill banning the small plastics. 

Sustainable Skincare by Parama Naturals

Parama Naturals brings to you skincare products that are formulated using 100% pure and natural ingredients. Prescribed by Ayurveda, backed by latest scientific research and devoid of any chemicals whatsoever, our products are not just safe and effective but also sustainable skincare.

Sustainability is one of the core principles that drive us. Here, we list three reasons why Parama Naturals equals sustainable skincare:

Sustainable for individuals:

  • Our products are safe and hypoallergenic.
  • We use 100% natural ingredients with zero chemicals in any form whatsoever making it safe to use over a lifetime.
  • Our products are versatile--a single product can be used for multiple purposes.
  • The products are safe and effective for everyone in the family from babies to senior citizens, pregnant ladies or even people with sensitive skin.
  • No separate His and Hers products to clutter your vanity shelves.

Sustainable for the Environment:

  • Cruelty-free--no animal testing is involved in the making of our products.
  • Zero chemicals means no toxic wastes are released during production or on washing off of our products thereby making them harmless for soil and water bodies.
  • Our packaging makes use of recyclable glass, PET, metal, recycled or wood-free paper and cloth which is dyed using the residual turmeric post-extraction.  

Sustainable for Society as well:

  • The ingredients for our formulations are sourced directly from farmers.
  • We source from marginal farmers using natural/organic farming methods.
  • The processing is done using eco-friendly technologies--supercritical CO2 extraction, cold-pressed oils, steam-distilled essential oils.
  • We support sustainable livelihoods by involving women micro-entrepreneurs from local communities
  • Women entrepreneurs from local communities are encouraged with earn-while you-learn programs.
  • Our ingredients, products and packaging are artisanal and hand-crafted. 

So do yourself a favor by making Parama Naturals an integral part of your skincare ritual for a safe and sustainable future for yourself, the society and the planet!

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