Yoga for Humanity


Yoga for Humanity: The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us a lesson or two. Rudely stopped by the pandemic in our fast-paced tracks, we got time to focus more on what is really important-- our physical and mental well-being and connecting with fellow human beings. Lockdowns, closure of gyms and no avenues to pursue sports and often even a walk or a run, led to people looking inward.

Yoga (or rather yogic exercises, asanas) and pranayama, the breathing exercises, were advocated, and many people started following them to build immunity and help in quicker and effective recovery. These also helped in keeping people mentally calm and strong during the stressful period in the face of an unpredictable, deadly virus and an uncertain future for many.

Why Yoga for Humanity is Important?

So the theme for this International Yoga day, Yoga for Humanity,  is only appropriate as it portrays how yoga can and has served humanity in alleviating sufferings during the peak of the pandemic. 

  • Yoga teaches techniques to unite the mind, body, intellect and soul. The holistic approach of Yoga guides one towards the ultimate level of awareness--a connection and interconnectedness of these different aspects within our own selves and with the world through our internal energy or prana shakti.
  • Yoga makes one more sensitive to the environment and the world. Since a common energy/consciousness or lifeforce (prana) flows through all living beings on the planet, we learn to be compassionate, respect other living beings and their right to coexist with us in peace.
  • It teaches mindfulness (awareness of inner self), moderation (in terms of our needs) and discipline (to be able to differentiate between need and greed). When society and communities learn to manage needs and desires, it can form the basis for sustainable living and global change.
  • Yoga practice helps us in making healthier choices and following a healthier lifestyle. For eg., with internal consciousness increasing with yoga practice, one becomes more mindful of all the different aspects of our lives - the purity of our food, the intensity of our sleep, the balance in our lifestyle with age, gender and season-specific adjustments. It integrates perfectly with Ayurveda, India's ancient science of health and healing.
  • Yoga practice is sustainable throughout one's life and for the planet too. From young children till one is too old to rock and roll, it can be practiced through all life stages--pregnancy, hormonal changes, recovery from illness, etc. Yoga is minimalism and simplicity at its best. It is inclusive because it can be practiced by all socio-economic segments as it requires no fancy equipment or a special space apart from basic clean environs. 

"My journey into holistic living with Yoga and Ayurveda sowed the seeds for Parama Naturals. Parama Naturals aims at being 'the ultimate in naturals with a core of wellness at its heart'. In fact, the 5 cornerstones of Parama Naturals' philosophy (Simplicity, Purity, Healing power of plants, Sustainability and Inclusivity) are guided by the fundamentals of a Yogic existence. " - Geeta Prakash, founder, Parama Naturals

In line with this philosophy, Parama Naturals' products aim to provide beauty and wellness for people through a mind and body connect, while being in harmony with nature. Our products are:

  • 100% pure, natural and vegan skincare products inspired by Ayurveda. No chemicals. No preservatives. No fragrance. They are so pure that one can eat them.
  • versatile for clutter-free mind, shelves and environment.
  • made of raw materials procured from farms following natural farming practices.
  • processed using only green and eco-friendly technology.
  • environment-friendly with no toxic wastes, recyclable and re-usable hand-crafted packaging.

Since 2019, Parama Naturals provides livelihood opportunities to community women by sourcing their paper bags and cloth pouches for Parama’s packaging.
Collaborates with Development Support Team, Pune.  DST has been working on the Socio-Economic Empowerment of women through the Self Help Group (SHG)-Federation model over the last two decades. It has enabled thousands of urban and rural women to get doorstep access to safe savings and credit.

During the pandemic, we supported revival of livelihoods by providing digital spaces for marketing the products of marginalized communities and . As a next step, Parama Naturals is showcasing handcrafted products by urban and rural community entrepreneurs to larger audiences. Our events provide them a much needed exposure to come in direct contact with people from different walks of life. It gives them the confidence to interact with others and come out from behind invisible walls, and get connected to mainstream urban society. Parama Naturals is broadening its own scope to enable sustainable bonds between corporates and communities in order to have a better future for humankind and for the planet.



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