Embarking on a Journey with Parama Naturals: Where Nature Meets Ultimate Wellness

Decoding PARAMA: The Quintessence of Nature in a Drop

Parama, Pronounced as Paramaa or Param, our name holds the essence of being quintessential, superior-most, and absolutely committed to the purest form of nature. 

In Bengali, PARAMA translates to Paromaa, meaning ULTIMATE. We aim to  be the "ULTIMATE IN NATURALS," bringing “simply the healing power of nature”, epitomizing the purity and safety while staying true to the ultimate end of bringing the efficacy of powerhouses of nature for everyday use by people even in the most busy schedules. At the core of our existence is holistic wellness through daily self-care, and that's precisely what we infuse into each product we create. 

At Parama Naturals, we aren't just a brand; we're an embodiment of the ultimate. 

Unveiling the Essence: Our Philosophy in a Logo

Our logo goes much beyond the pretty design; it's a narrative of our core purpose and philosophy, a story woven with powerful symbolism and meaning.

The Core:  Life-giving Prana or Qi

At the heart is a Vermilion drop which signifies PARAMA Satva, the life-giving energy inherent in all of nature. This vital force, akin to prana or qi, comes from within, from our immediate surroundings, and from the vast cosmos. It's the heartbeat of our existence.

The Elemental Dance of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether

Surrounding the vermilion drop, is a canvas of vibrant colours, which aren't just hues; they embody the essential core of our philosophy like the colours of plants and the five elements around us Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether as defined by Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of living healthy and long life. 

In our world of colors, Yellow, Green, and Brown represent the different parts of plants – flowers, fruits, leaves, and roots – the origins of our essential natural ingredients. Brown, grounding us in the earth element, symbolizes our connection with nature.

Blue, the color of water, signifies life-giving sustenance to plants and imparts its cool, nurturing properties to us. It's a reminder of the vital role water plays in our existence.

White, above all, represents the consciousness which pervades all 

Beyond the Surface: Ayurvedic Wisdom and Healing Energy

The three horizontal lines within our logo delve into the realms of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of health and healing. They symbolize the three gunas of Satva, Rajas, and Tamas, and the three doshas of Kapha, Pitta, Vata. It's a homage to the profound wisdom that guides us toward holistic well-being.

The Vermilion dot at the center represents the "whole," channelizing the healing power of plants and the energies within the elements. This dot unites all aspects, infusing our products with the ability to soothe and heal at different levels in the human body – touching the skin, tantalizing the nose, captivating the eyes, and pleasing the tongue.


The 5 cornerstones of our Philosophy


Discover the essence of purity and transparency in our hypoallergenic products made largely with food-grade natural ingredients, because we believe that the skin eats too. No fillers, no hidden ingredients —only what's on the label. In fact, not even water, because even though water may be pure, but for formulations, it requires too many chemicals to create the end product for emulsification, preservation, etc. Your skin deserves the purest, and so do you! 


Embark on a journey inspired by Ayurveda and natural ingredients and therapies, supported by modern science, too. Our 100% natural products harness the potency of anti-oxidant rich supercritical CO2 plant extracts, essential oils and natural carrier oils which are deep-acting. No chemicals, just ancient wisdom meeting modern science.


Join us on the path of sustainability. Sustainability for yourself and your loved ones over your lifetime is at the core using only time-tested ingredients and a "Zero chemicals added" approach, formulated with only "good" things in and all "bad" things out, From versatile oils and butters to green technologies like solvent-free CO2 extraction to eco-friendly processing like cold pressing of oils, we ensure minimal impact. Every choice, from raw materials to packaging, echoes our commitment to the people and the planet.


Experience the beauty of simplicity with Parama. Few powerful ingredients is all you need in potent proportions. Fuss-free, non-messy, and versatile, our products fit seamlessly into your busy life. One product, many uses—because simplicity is sophistication. 


At Parama, inclusivity is not just a principle; it's our identity. Equal opportunities for all communities, affirmative action with earn while you learn programs, and supporting communities define our commitment to stakeholders. Join us on a journey where everyone is included.

These cornerstones guide us from formulation to interaction, shaping a world where skincare and wellness meet nature with integrity. Welcome to Parama Naturals—where every choice reflects our commitment to your well-being and the world we live in.


Join the Movement: Where Nature Speaks, and Wellness Resonates

As you explore Parama Naturals, you're not just exploring a brand; you're joining a movement. A movement where nature speaks, and wellness resonates. A movement where you can incorporate short daily self-care routines even in the busiest of days. A movement where you have the assurance that you are nurtured and protected. 

Come, be a part of our story, where the ultimate in naturals meets the ultimate in well-being and witness the transformative power of nature through the lens of Parama Naturals.


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