Parama Naturals, Turmeric-powered 100% Natural Daily Essentials for Skincare & Wellness. Rediscover ancient traditions for modern lives       


(Pronounced as Paramaa or Param, and Paromaa in Bengali; means ultimate, quintessential, the superior-most, the absolute)

PARAMA NATURALS is aimed at being the "ultimate in naturals" (quintessentially natural), purity and safety, while getting to the inner core purpose, the ultimate simple truth in whatever we do, and whatever products we create, with a core of wellness at its heart.

Our logo represents our philosophy

The logo represents our core purpose and philosophy in its various manifestations. 

The Vermilion drop in our logo signifies the core or quintessential essence of life, PARAMA Satva, the life-giving prana or qi or the energy which is stored in all of nature. It comes to us from within and from without, from deep inside, from the immediate surroundings and from the cosmos. This is surrounded by the 5 elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, represented by the colours Yellow, Green, White, Blue and Brown (Black). All these empower the essential core. 

On a different dimension, the Yellow, Green and Brown represent the different key parts of the plants viz. the flowers, fruits, leaves and roots, from which essential natural ingredients are extracted. Brown also signifies the earth element, core to our being, which keeps us nourished and grounded in nature, which we respect. The Blue signifies the water element which is life-giving to the plants and which nurtures us with its cooling and caring properties. 

The 3 horizontal lines represent the 3 gunas of Satva, Rajas and Tamas and the 3 doshas of Kapha, Pitta, Vata as defined in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of health and healing.

The Vermilion dot represents the "whole" and ultimately helps to chanellize all these aspects, the healing power of the plants and the energies that the elements bring, into our products, to enable them to soothe and heal at different levels in the human body - especially through our senses of touch (skin), smell (nose), form (eyes), taste (tongue).



The 5 Cornerstones of Our Philosophy are - 


Our products are hypoallergenic, safe and maintain the highest level of purity and quality. Most of the ingredients are food-grade. There are no fillers, no hidden ingredients. They are so pure that one can eat them, because the skin eats too!  So ingredients are only what’s on the label and nothing else!


Parama believes in the healing power of plants. Inspired by Ayurveda and other traditional and natural therapies like aromatherapy, our products are formulated using highly effective and pure supercritical CO2 plant extracts, essential oils and cold-pressed carrier oils in such a way that they retain the original natural characteristics of the plant they are derived from. Our products are 100% NATURAL, 100% VEGAN. No added chemicals, preservatives, colours, fragrances. No mineral oil. The healing power of plants, inspired by ancient traditions, supported by modern science, and ingredients with high efficacy in appropriate measures!

All our products are created to Protect, Prevent, Heal, Beautify.


Sustainable in concept: Versatile oils and butters with healing power of plants and no other additives. With no added chemicals as emulsifiers, preservatives or perfumes, there are no wastes during the manufacturing process, nor post usage.

Sustainable in creation: Raw materials sourced from farmers following natural farming practices and processed using green and eco-friendly technologies. No animal testing.

Sustainable in usage: Use of 100% pure and natural time-tested ingredients ensures there are no short- or long-term side effects, and sustainable for people to use over a life-time.

Sustainable for the environment: No toxic wastes, minimalistic hand-crafted packaging with recycled/handmade paper, chemical-free cloth. Reusable and recyclable plastic and glass.

Sustainable for the society: Inclusivity, diversity and affirmative action; supporting livelihoods for community women and micro-entrepreneurs.


From formulation to usage, Parama products are quintessentially simple, yet versatile. Easy-to-use, fuss-free and non-messy, our skin and wellness products are perfect for people with busy lifestyles. Every product has multiple uses, for people across age-groups and skin types. For use across seasons too. Many in one, one for many!                                        


Parama believes in inclusivity of all our stakeholders and is an equal opportunity employer.

These pillars define all our strategies, decisions, processes and actions, from product formulation to corporate processes to customer interactions.

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