Yellow Ribbon Fair - A win-win for all


Empowering the grassroots is critical for a stable society and economic, social and digital empowerment complement each other towards building a sustainable business.

With inclusivity and sustainability as its core philosophy, ever since its inception, Parama Naturals has been working with NGOs to enable sustainable livelihoods at the grass-roots level. We are currently partnering with Development Support Team (DST) to source hand-crafted diyas from women entrepreneurs engaged in pottery making in Lohegaon, Pune. Another partnership with YouthAid Foundation for creating market linkages for grass-root organisations led to the establishment of Ten Stitch, a group of 10 women tailors who upcycle fabric to make potlis and other useful articles for gifting during the upcoming festive season.

Parama Naturals also provides physical outreach opportunities at fairs and exhibitions and a digital presence on its website and other platforms.

Visit the Yellow Ribbon Fair by the Ishanya Foundation at Creaticity, Pune from September 16-19, 2022 for stocking up on your daily essentials, picking up gifts for the festive seasons and to support the efforts of so many people for sustainable livelihoods at the grassroots - of arts, crafts, foods, clothing, personal care products. 

With Parama Naturals as your skincare companion and your gifting partner, you are not only showing that you care for yourself and your loved ones, but also for society and the planet. 

Support our endeavor and light up the lives of others too!


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