Collaboration for continuing traditional livelihoods


Empowering the grass-roots is critical for a stable society and economic, social and digital empowerment complement each other towards building a sustainable business.

Parama Naturals is partnering with Development Support Team (DST) which supports the Savitribai Phule Bachat Gat for sourcing hand crafted diyas from the women micro-entrepreneurs engaged in pottery in Lohegaon, Pune. Partnership with YouthAid Foundation Ten Stitch, a group of 10 women tailors who are working on upcycling fabric, is to make potlis and shagun envelopes for the upcoming festive season for gifting.

These partnerships help create sustainable livelihoods for grass-root organisations by creating market linkages through participation in exhibitions and fairs, and through enabling a digital presence for them.

So when you buy a product, especially a gift box, add-on these special products too. Support our endeavour and light up the lives of others too!

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