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With the festive season just around the corner, the festive mood is building up in the air. From finding the perfect festive gift solutions to the traditional self-care before the ceremonies, everyone is prepared to pray for wellness, health, and wealth, to meet loved ones, share sweets and greetings and celebrate together as family, friends, and colleagues. But have you made your to-do list for the festivities? Gifts for your loved ones and not to forget your own self-pamper for the festivals.

At Parma Naturals, we are offering the best of both worlds. Here’s why:
A Traditional Touch

Festivals bring us back to our traditions and roots. From incense sticks and prayers to spices, sweets, and our rituals- everything falls back to the age-old practices and culture. At Parama Naturals, we have created our oils and traditional skincare and body wellness upon Ayurveda- the ancient healthcare system. Hence, it is a well-suited craft for the festive season. Like Haldi-Kumkum is considered very auspicious and a symbol of purity, luck and good health in Hindu Religion, we ensure to bring the auspiciousness to our products using ingredients which have great significance, clinically and traditionally.

Festive Season Skin Care Pack

Festive Gifting Season Skincare

As the festive season gears up, your self-care is an essential step to ensure your glow for your festive season skin. With the popular self care collection, pamper yourself or your loved ones with the festive season skincare routine which has the goodness of 100% natural stain-free turmeric extracts and traditional skincare. Stay prepared for the upcoming Abhyanga Snana ritual with our DIWALI ABHYANGA SNANA PACK - a cleansing and exfoliating routine with Haldi-Chandan Uthna (or Ubtan) and a rejuvenating, moisturising oil bath to get you ready for your essential festive season skin nourishment and the winter ahead.

Diwali Special Abhyanga Snana Pack


Wouldn’t it be a deal to present gifts for your loved ones without compromising the quality of your budget? At Parama Naturals, we offer a variety of festive gifting solutions for various budgets. Be it for your own self-care, or an extended family, or a travel pack, we offer a wide range of gift selections for your convenience.

Body Wellness

Wellness Collection

With 100% natural turmeric-powered products, we are looking out for your body as well. What goes into your skin and ultimately to your body is crucial and with hypoallergenic natural traditional skincare, Parama Naturals offers the wellness collection for your body which includes turmeric essential oil rich in antioxidants as well as antibacterial properties among others. With Zingiber oil and clarifying butter for the face and body, it is the classic wellness support for your body.
A gift for everyone: Whether for your grandparents to help with better muscle movements in their mature age or to your parents for glowing and anti-wrinkle skin, Parama naturals offers a gift to everyone. From pimples and scars to protecting skin from harsh chemicals, and body nourishing oil for babies and people of all ages, Parama naturals traditional skincare can be a gift for everyone for the festive season.

Bulk Orders

With the festive season coming in close, Parama Naturals is also available for your bulk orders. For your colleagues at the office or your extended family and friends, share the goodness of nature for the skin, face, and body with everyone with a beautiful touch of diyas or festive lights.


At Parama Naturals, creating a sustainable environment for the future is an important objective that we follow. We wrap our gifts with handcrafted and environment-friendly boxes to cheer a traditional festive mood with a touch of care for our planet. Therefore, with every gift you buy, you are indirectly committing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Women in the Community

Handmade Diya by Community Women

Our gift packs include diyas, handmade fairy lights, potlis made by women entrepreneurs from the community. After collaborations with NGOs like Youth Aid Foundation and DST, they are able to create online market visibility for their efforts and create a win-win situation.

So, go ahead without a doubt and celebrate your festivities with a traditional touch and modern care.

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