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Summer Skin Problems: When the sun blazes hot, the fragrance of jasmine, the colours of the yellow laburnum and the taste of mangoes comes alive! The temperatures range from hot to extremely hot and humid, making us uncomfortable. The typical summer skincare issues are drying up the skin, causing sunburn, sweating and rashes, acne and hair fall. The challenge during summertime is balancing the skincare and wellness issues brought about by the hot winds and the blazing heat of the sun to enjoy a time filled with fun and frolic. 

Read below about how to prevent the typical summer skin problems and also how the ayurveda dinacharya of abhyanga-snan, daily oiling and cleansing is the best preventive and emollient for summer skincare & wellness. 

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Typical Summer Skin Problems - How to Prevent & Simple Remedies

Methods of prevention of summer skincare issues and some quick home remedies for tackling summer skincare issues and overall wellness are given below.

We have highlighted some of the products from Parama Naturals for problem-free radiant glowing skin during summer skincare and for overall wellness.  If problems persist, one must see the doctor immediately. 

1. Sunburn

What and why - Whether in the course of normal activity, playing outdoors or travel, exposure to the scorching rays of the sun leads to redness of the skin, inflammation and burning sensation of the skin. This is one of the biggest challenges in summer skincare, because once the skin gets burnt, it slowly leads to itchiness, drying, peeling and skin discolouration.

How to prevent -

  • Wear white coloured or light clothes with full sleeves
  • Cover your head and face with a hat or a scarf
  • Keeping the skin moist and protected with a thin oil coat is the best preventive. Apply the Parama Naturals Lavender & Turmeric Face Oil or the Lavender & Turmeric Body Oil, with mild sunscreening properties of turmeric essential oil and sesame oil (SPF 8-10), and a natural calming fragrance of Himalayan Lavender.
  • Top it up, if really required, with an after-coat of a higher SPF Sunscreen.
  • If you prefer oil-free skin care, apply the Parama Naturals Face Gel-Serum, made with pure Aloe Vera, grown in the arid areas of Gujarat, infused with Calming Himalayan Lavender Essential Oil and skin clarifying pure Turmeric Essential Oil.
Parama Naturals Face Gel Serum with Lavender Oil Turmeric Oil Aloe Vera
  • Keep spraying on your face frequently with cooling and refreshing pure rosewater when you step out into the heat. Keeping the skin moist will keep the face cool, prevent sunburn. The luxuriously pure Parama Naturals Rosewater Turmeric Face Mist is the  perfect solution 
Parama Naturals Rose Water Turmeric Facial Mist for Toning Clarifying Soothing Face Care


    Natural home remedy - Sunburn, if addressed quickly, can be reversed 

    • Apply a soothing oil like coconut, or a mixture  of turmeric or turmeric essential oil and sandalwood with rosewater.
    • Parama Naturals Turmeric Face Oil for Overnight Repair made with  cooling virgin cold-pressed coconut oil and anti-inflammatory turmeric oil is ideal for soothing the redness and healing the sunburnt skin.
    • Help soothe inflamed skin with cooling rosewater. In the Parama Naturals' Face Mist, the natural extract of the chaitri gulab, freshly harvested just once a year in the months of March-April (Chaitra) is calming and uplifting. The added turmeric essential oil ensures that the skin is problem-free.


    2. Prickly Heat or Heat Rash

    What and why - With the increased heat, it is the natural tendency of the body to sweat. Sweating is actually very cleansing and detoxifying for our skin. But when the sweat ducts get blocked due to dirt accumulation or sunscreen or anti-perspirants, small red bumps appear on the skin, which are itchy and can get painful.

    How to prevent -

    • Keep the skin cleansed with a non-pore blocking, non-chemical soothing cleanser.
    • Ensure that you do not apply any pore-blocking creams, lotions, sun-screens, anti-perspirants or other cosmetics.
    • Use the Parama Naturals Lavender & Turmeric Face Oil & the Lavender & Turmeric Body Oil as moisturizers, post shower. 
    • If you have very sensitive skin, use the Parama Naturals Clarifying Face & Body Butter with Neem oil, Turmeric Oil and Kokum Butter.

    Natural home remedy -

    • There are many emollients that work well like virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, food-grade rose water or aloe vera gel. They can be applied directly on the rash 
    • For better and longer-lasting effect, mix them with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial turmeric essential oil.
    • Neem-leaves infused water or paste of turmeric with milk cream or turmeric with yoghurt are also very soothing and keep the skin clear of inflammation and infection
    • Help soothe inflamed skin with cooling rosewater. In the Parama Naturals' Face Mist, with pure rose water and turmeric essential oil which ensures that the skin is problem-free


    3. Fungal infections, skin irritations and eczema

    What and Why - Hot and humid weather, sweaty skin folds which continue to remain damp for long periods of time like feet, arm-pits or skin folds in the legs, hands or intimate areas can be a conducive environment for the growth of fungi. This leads to increased or foul smelling body odour.

    How to prevent -

    • Keep the skin cleansed and dry, air the areas as often as possible
    • Change to fresh clothing as often as possible.
    • Apply non-pore blocking anti-fungal creams, oils or butters.
    • Use Parama Naturals Solid Deo Butter, non-pore blocking with virgin unprocessed kokum butter, with natural anti-fungal ingredients like turmeric oil, neem oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, rosemary extract.

    Natural home remedy -

    • Apply virgin cold-pressed coconut oil with some anti-fungal oils like neem oil, tea-tree oil, or lavender, rosemary or turmeric essential oils
    • Parama Naturals Solid Deo Butter helps to prevent and to soothe and reduce the spread of the fungal infection. 
    • Help soothe inflamed skin with cooling rosewater. In the Parama Naturals' Face Mist, with pure rose water and turmeric essential oil which ensures that the skin is problem-free.

     Prevent fungal infections with Parama Naturals Solid Deo Butter and Deodorants

    4. Acne

    What and why - A combination of heat, sweat, increased oil production, eating many mangoes, rich foods like ice-creams can increase the chances of acne break-outs. 

    How to prevent -

    • Cleanse and detoxify with a chemical-free cleanser and herbal powders like Parama Naturals Enriching Exfoliator.
    • You can also make your own haldi ubtan (turmeric powder mixed with yoghurt and chick-pea flour)
    • Add Parama Naturals Turmeric Essential Oil with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and skin-clarifying properties to any face-pack
    • Apply a non-comedogenic oil-balancing face moisturizer like Parama Naturals All-day Lite Turmeric Face Oil or the Parama Naturals All-day Lite Lavender & Turmeric Face Oil or the Parama Naturals Clarifying Butter with neem oil, turmeric oil and kokum butter which have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help prevent acne break-outs. 
    • Make a cooling face mask with a spoonful of the Parama Naturals Ubtan Powder mixed with a spoonful of Aloe Vera Gel and a little rosewater. Apply on the face and leave on for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water at room temperature. Pat dry.

    Natural home remedy -

    • Apply paste of sandalwood, or anti-fungal oils like neem oil, tea-tree oil, or lavender, rosemary or turmeric essential oils.
    • Or apply apple cider vinegar to the affected areas. 
    • Parama Naturals Clarifying Butter helps to prevent and to soothe and reduce the spread of acne. 
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    5. Hair fall & itchy scalp

    What and Why - Hot and humid weather, sweaty head, frequent hair washes with chemical cleansers, swimming in heavily chlorinated water pools lead to hair fall and dandruff or dry itchy scalp.

    How to prevent and remedy -

    • Keep the head oiled well to keep it cool and problem free with Parama Naturals Nourishing Hair Oil-Serum.
    • Wash it regularly, preferably with non-chemical cleansers.
    • Use Parama Naturals Solid Shampoo Bar followed by a conditioning rinse of apple cider vinegar for pH balanced cleansing.  

    Summer Skin Problems and Solutions inspired by Abhyanga Snana (Oil massage & Bath) in Grishma Ritu

    According to Ayurveda, each season is characterised by a unique set of qualities or doshas. In Grishma Ritu, due to the blazing heat of the sun, the scorching earth and all its direct and reflected heat on our bodies, the body perspires a lot. With this loss of fluids from the body, or exposure to intense heat, one can headaches, nose bleeds and the body feels very enervated and weak. The other major effect is an impaired or weak digestion and overeating mangoes and ice-creams too, can cause acne and painful heat boils. The summer season is also a time when skin diseases are common like sunburn or rashes and fungal infections.

    The typical summer skincare issues mentioned above can be prevented if one follows the Grishma Ritucharya.  In summer too, the Abhyanga-Snana routine not only takes care of the typical CTM or cleansing-toning-moisturising needs of the skin and the hair care, but it is much more than just skin care or hair care. but also overall wellness of calming the mind, relaxing the body, stimulating the nerves, improving blood circulation and keeping the muscles and joints supple.

    But oil massage in Summer?

    During summer or Grishma Ritu, the skin and the body dries up with the external heat, a light diet and frequently staying in air-conditioned spaces. Oiling is recommended to help keep the skin moist, prevent it from drying and keep the body cool. 

    For the Face & Body

    Oil massage (abhyanga) with Turmeric Oil not only moisturises the skin but it ensures that the skin becomes healthy, beautiful and radiant inside out, due to the anti-oxidants present in turmeric oil. It detoxifies and also nourishes the skin by seeping into the deepest tissues, keeping the internal tissues supple and healthy. It also helps to deep cleanse the pores which can get accumulated with sweat, dust and acne-causing bacteria.  The virgin cold-pressed oils are also soothing, strengthening and toning for the muscles. 

    While the best oil for Abhyanga or oil massage is based on the individuals' body type, the best and universal oil for most ayurvedic massages is sesame oil, because it is the deepest penetrating. Coconut oil is considered a "cool" oil, and recommended for summer time, but preferably along with sesame oil. 

    The Parama Naturals Turmeric Face Oils and Turmeric Body Oil is formulated with an oil-balancing mixture suited for all skin types. They are made with virgin cold-pressed oils of coconut, sesame and almond and infused with Turmeric Essential Oil which is skin clarifying, toning and protecting. The Parama Naturals Lavender-Turmeric Oil is additionally infused with pure Himalayan Lavender Essential Oil, which is calming, soothing and uplifting.

    The Turmeric face oils and Turmeric body oils from Parama Naturals can be used post shower (in a manner similar to a moisturizer), as they are quick absorbing, non-greasy and without strong fragrances. In 2-5 minute routines, they can give the  same benefits as 20-30 minute traditional abhyanga routines. Ideally suited for busy people like working professionals or busy homemakers.  


    Body oiling abhyanga with Turmeric Oil or Lavender & Turmeric Body Oil

    For the underarms, skin folds and intimate areas post shower

    Use the Parama Naturals range Solid Deo Butter and any of the deodorants for the underarms, skin folds and intimate areas, which are prone to sweating and fungal infections. 

    At night before sleeping

    A foot massage (padabhyanga) with Turmeric Body Oils or Lavender & Turmeric Body Oil or the Ginger & Turmeric Oil improves circulation, relaxes the body and supports sound sleep. It is also beneficial in relieving tired feet, moisturising the soles, preventing cracked heels, relieving stiffness in the back, shoulders, joints and muscles, often caused by sleeping under the fan or in air-condition spaces during the Summer Season. 

    Wash your feet with warm water. Pat them dry. Apply a few drops of oil on the soles, the toes, ankles, calves and knees.


    The best oil for Padabhyanga is the Parama Naturals' Zingiber Body Oil . If the weather is hot or the body heat has risen, use a lighter, cooler oil like the Parama Naturals Moisturizing Turmeric Body Oil or the Parama Naturals Lavender & Turmeric Body Oil or even plain coconut oil.

    Massaging the ear lobes (karnabhyanga) can be beneficial for those who have stressed minds and tired bodies or who suffer from allergies. It relieves stress and tiredness from too much use of phones or electronic devices. It can also help to improve hearing and promote overall ear health. The ideal oils for this are the Parama Naturals' Moisturizing Turmeric Body Oil, the Parama Naturals' Moisturizing Lavender & Turmeric Body Oil or the Parama Naturals Zingiber Ginger & Turmeric Body Oil

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    For the head (before sleeping, pre- or post-head wash)

    Regular head oiling (shirobhyanga) with a herb-enriched natural hair oil allows the hair oil to penetrate deep into the scalp providing the hair follicles with much-needed nourishment to make the hair stronger, while helping to reduce the hair fall. It is also helpful in cooling the head, preventing a heat stroke, releasing stress and for a deep, relaxed sleep. 

    Apply the Parama Naturals Herb-enriched Nourishing Hair Oil in the hair roots and scalp the night before the hair wash. For better and long-lasting hair care, also apply 2-3 drops just in the roots as a leave-on hair serum daily post bath to prevent hair fall, dandruff and protect your hair against the drying effect of the environment. For frizzy control and to keep hair soft and manageable, one can also apply the hair oil on the length of the hair, like a pre-wash hair mask or like a post-wash conditioning hair serum.  

    Cleansing the skin (Snana) 

    Deep-pore cleansing takes place with the oil application. In addition, sweating (Svedana) also helps to cleanse the pores automatically. To cleanse accumulated dirt, dust, grime and excess oil, the cleansing (Snana) routine needs to follow oiling immediately in summer (unless one is using light oiling as a moisturizer post shower as below).

    For this, bathe with body temperature water along with a herbal scrub and exfoliator ubtan (uthane). Use water at the same temperature as the body. Avoid very hot water for your bath as it strips your skin of its natural oils, and it will also raise the body temperature. Use a mild, natural herbal cleansing scrub (ubtan or uthane) that gently exfoliates, sloughing off the accumulated dirt and dead skin cells like the Parama Naturals' Enriching Exfoliator Face & Body Scrub. Follow this up with a hydrating face oil like the Parama Naturals' All Day Lite Moisturizing Face Oil or the Parama Naturals' Moisturizing Turmeric Face Oil or Parama Naturals Lavender & Turmeric Body Oil in dry climate or if you have extra dry skin. 

    Do not rub your skin dry. Instead, pat-dry with a soft towel. 

    In conclusionincorporating these self-care, self-massage (abhyanga) and cleansing (snana) techniques into your daily routine during the Summer or Grishma Ritu can be a beneficial way to support the body's natural detoxification process, promote healthy skin, and support overall health and wellbeing. It is always best to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner for any specific skin or health conditions you may have. 

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