Parama Naturals' Sustainability Giveaway Contest!


Celebrating our environment-people and planet each and every day.

Giveaway Alert! Participate in the Parama Naturals Sustainability Contest starting from 1st leading upto World Environment Day on the 5th. of June and win exciting gifts.

Sustainability is one of the 5 core philosophies of Parama Naturals and embeds each of our decisions- big or small. We firmly believe that our relationship with the society and environment should be one of sustained mutual benefit not just today but forever.

Join us in our crusade for sustainable skincare from the 1st to 5th of June by participating in a Giveaway contest.

Answer a simple question and share ideas and practices that you follow for sustainable living. Each meaningful entry gets a sustainable skincare product by Parama “ultimate”Naturals, India’s most sustainable skincare and wellness brand.

Rules: Look for new surprises everyday. The more questions you answer, the better your chances to win!

  • Answer 1 question and get 1 free gift. Answer 2, get 3 gifts. For 3 answers you get 5 and for 4 answers you get 6 gifts. Participants answering 5 questions for all 5 days of the Sustainability Campaign get a bumper giveaway of 10 Parama Naturals products.
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All natural skincare products in the market are 100% pure and have no additives “ 

Options :

  1. Yes, else why would they call them Natural?
  2. No,most so-called natural Products have some form of additives.

Share your answers with experiences- good or bad- with ‘natural’ skincare products that you have used in the past in the comment box.


Name a skincare product/brand that you have found to be multipurpose and how? Is it also 100% natural?


Name a skincare product that you like to use but you wish had more sustainable options.

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