What is special about PARAMA Face & Body Oils?

We all know that TURMERIC, is inextricably woven into the fabric of Indian culture through cultural ceremonies, rituals, and daily life. It was recommended in the Ayurvedic texts for its protective, preventive, therapeutic, balancing, healing and cosmetic properties. Modern science acknowledges its immunity-boosting, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-anxiety, soothing, stimulating anti-oxidant properties. It was applied regularly for babies, children, teenagers, brides-to-be, young couples, women of all ages, to counter the effects of age, environment and life-style, and to prevent and address specific issues like acne, blemishes, scars and uneven skin tone.

Despite these benefits, Turmeric has stopped being a main-stream skincare ingredient that people used in their daily lives. Why? As modern lives became busy and fast-paced, application of turmeric became unappealing because it was yellow staining for the skin and clothes, messy and time-consuming, as one had to leave them on for a while before washing off.

PARAMA NATURALS has brought back the magic of turmeric into daily use in busy modern lives through a range of turmeric-powered 100% natural skincare and wellness essentials. They are stain-free quick-absorbing, non-greasy, convenient to use on-the-go especially suited for busy people who need to juggle work, chores at home, personal health and well-being of the family. Everyone can now get the benefits of turmeric application on the face and body in just 2 minutes.

How can Parama products be one's skincare companion for life?

There are 7 Reasons -

  • Powered with all-encompassing Turmeric, in effective stain-free formulations which prevent and work on several common skincare issues, to help one look good and feel great, naturally
  • 100% natural, mineral, vitamin and anti-oxidant rich bases of coconut, sesame, almond, kokum for nourishing, collagen boosting, elastin repairing
  • Time-tested ingredients and formulations - Inspired by Ayurveda, corroborated by scientific research, effectiveness ensured through composition and trials, certified by FDA
  • 100% pure. Made with food-grade high quality ingredients, with no added chemicals, preservatives, artificial fragrances, fillers, mineral oil
  • Balanced and hypoallergenic – good for all ages and skin types, for babies, pregnant women, senior citizens, hyper-sensitive skins
  • Non-greasy, quick absorbing, non-staining. Easy to use, anytime, anywhere, on-the-go!! Can be used with other cosmetics too
  • Versatile, multipurpose products that are sustainable for the self, society and planet!!


How are PARAMA Face Oils multipurpose ie how do they act as serums plus moisturisers plus deep pore cleansers and toners? 

PARAMA’s FACE and BODY OILS are 100% Natural Blends with pure Turmeric Extract. They are formulated as 100% natural products with virgin cold pressed oils and pure plant extracts to work on overall skin health. The antioxidants and other actives present in turmeric and other ingredients, work on the surface, and also penetrate deep within to nourish, cleanse, detoxify and repair like serums. The fatty acids in the carrier oils work to hydrate and moisturise the skin cells. Thus, they do the combined work of serums, deep pore cleansers, toners and moisturisers. They act as preventives and as therapeutics with cosmetic and healing properties. Overall, these highly concentrated natural oils rejuvenate, revitalise, revive and heal.

The PARAMA face and body oils - 

  • Have powerhouses of nature like turmeric, coconut, sesame and sweet almond with multiple benefits
  • Mirror the natural body lipids and fats, to trap moisture and hydrate the skin
  • Ingredients beneficial for each layer of the skin
  • Address special issues like dark circles, scars, blemishes, etc
  • Suitable for various skin types, especially sensitive skins


What is the difference between the LITE, the MOISTURISING and the NIGHT REPAIR Oils, They all seem to have the same ingredients.

Each of these oils are made with Turmeric extract in bases on virgin cold pressed coconut oil, cold-pressed sesame and sweet almond oils, each of which act on different layers of the skin, and have a combination of effects on the skin. While the turmeric in all the 3 oils is the same, but the proportion of base oils are vary and hence have very different effects on our skin.

The MOISTURISING Face&Body Oil has a higher proportion of sesame oil, which is better for long-lasting moisturising, and also for improved natural sun-screening properties which augment those of turmeric. The sesame oil is also deeper penetrating and has elastin-repairing properties, which work at deeper issues like scars and marks.

The NIGHT (INTENSE) REPAIR oil has a higher proportion of Virgin Cold-pressed Coconut Oil and Almond Oil, which are better for collagen boosting, fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes. 

The LITE, apart from virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, has a proportion of fractionated coconut oil, to reduce its comedogenic property, enable faster absorption and to prevent it from freezing during colder climates.


I am very confused as to which FACE oil I should use?

Based on skin types and need -

As a base case, we recommend one to first try the MOISTURISING FACE&BODY oil. It works on most skin types like combination to dry skin and has the widest range of applications. It works well for moisturising during winter or in dry climates. As a worst case scenario, if you find it too oily, you can use it for your body, where it will suit all body types. 

Oily acne-prone skin or combination skin - ALL-DAY LITE 

Regular to dry skin or for specific issues - NIGHT (INTENSE) REPAIR

Refer to the table below for more details based on specific issues and applications

Oily or combination Acne-prone skin All-day light moisturising

Dull skin


Large pores

Quick makeover with a radiant glow

Pore tightening, firming and toning 

NIGHT (INTENSE) REPAIR Face Oil Dry or combination Wrinkles and Fine Lines Deep-pore cleansing
    Dark circles Night Moisturising
    Scar lightening Slows aging process
    Blemishes, spots Make-up removal
    Pigmentation Toning and collagen boosting
    Sunburn and Rashes  
Face - combination to very dry*


Dry patches 

Sun protection


Body - all types

Stretch marks

Restoring skin elasticity

Cracked heels

Rashes and itchy skin


Long-lasting (24 hour) moisturising 

Winter special

Toning, collagen boosting and elastin repairing


Mother and Baby Special* 

(more details below)

Improve skin elasticity to prevent and reduce stretch marks

Pregnancy abdominal massage

Nourishing and protecting Baby Massage

Use in lieu of moisturising lotions for toddlers onwards



At what age can one start using PARAMA oils?

Our products are 100% natural and suitable for everyone, infants too.

The earlier one starts using PARAMA Face & Body Oils, the better it is!

For babies and toddlers -

- start with the MOISTURISING FACE&BODY oil for a complete massage and also for moisturising the face

- in case of any injury or scrapes anywhere on the body, use the NIGHT (INTENSE) REPAIR  to reduce the inflammation and act as a natural anti-septic oil

- the ZINGIBER massage oil is useful for any abdominal distension or injuries like bruises

For tweens and teens - 

- the MOISTURISING or the LITE Face Oil are recommended for acne-prone oily skin. It helps in preventing acne conditions for boys and girls during puberty and beyond, and also helps in lightening post-acne scar marks and blemishes.

- the NIGHT (INTENSE) REPAIR is also recommended for application before sleeping to take care of any acne marks or blemishes.

- the MOISTURISING oil is good for face and full-body moisturising 

- the ZINGIBER is good for applying on feet before sleeping for a good night's sleep and to soften rough feet, for pre or post work-out, yoga or a game, for growing pains, or menstruation cramps in the lower abdomen, back or thighs. It is also recommended to dry up acne (test on a small patch first).

For pregnant ladies and post-partum,

- the MOISTURISING FACE&BODY oil is recommended for stretch marks and for abdominal massage to retain the skin elasticity

the NIGHT (INTENSE) REPAIR is recommended for any injuries during breast-feeding

the ZINGIBER is good for lower back or neck pain or feet and legs with oedema/ swelling 


Are PARAMA oils suitable for everyone?

Our products are 100% natural and suitable for all ages, infants, pregnant ladies, and especially people with sensitive skins.

Parama oils are formulated keeping in view the variations in skin types, combinations of body types namely vata, pitta and kapha, and all ages. 


How do I apply my oil?


While natural oils are the best for the body, some people find them sticky or  greasy.  To prevent such a feeling with the application of oils on your face or body, especially during warm or humid climates, or for people with oily skins, follow this procedure - 

Apply the oils on a MOIST SKIN after a bath or wash (Depending on the weather, the LITE Face Oil can be applied without moistening the face too)



Rub your palms together to make an emulsion. Apply the oil-water mixture on the skin  

If the oily feeling does not go away after 10 minutes, and you're uncomfortable with it on the skin, especially the face, just splash it again with water and dab gently with a face tissue or handkerchief. The active ingredients would have penetrated the skin, and the hydrating ingredients would have created a suitable layer of protection by this time. 

Read detailed usage instructions in our blog -



Do I need any other moisturisers or face products after using the oil ?

No other oils, moisturisers or creams are required after you use PARAMA oils as they do the combined work of a serum and a moisturiser. In case of extra dry patches or extra moisturising effect required, you could try one of the butters which has added Kokum butter.


Can I use the MOISTURISING, LITE and INTENSE oils at once ?

Yes, depending on your skin’s needs and your lifestyle you can use the MOISTURISING or LITE after your bath in the morning, the LITE can be applied during the day if you need extra moisturising or a makeover and the NIGHT (INTENSE) REPAIR at night before you sleep for specific issues that you may have. During very dry weather, we recommend you use the MOISTURISING on the face during the day.


Can I use it with my other cosmetics ?

Yes. These oils are compatible for use with all other cosmetics. In fact, they help create a protective layer. The LITE oil can also be used as a foundation for make-up. Allow a maximum of 5 minutes for it to penetrate.  And then you can apply any other cosmetic that you wish to use. In all probability, over time, you will find lesser and lesser need to apply a foundation.


Are PARAMA oils essential oils?

Essential oils are like the spices that you add to a dish. In normal usage, essential oils cannot be used directly on the skin; they need to be used in a base of other oils or creams or lotions with a concentration of not more than 1-3%. PARAMA Oils are formulations made with specific essential oils in bases of natural carrier oils, suited for different skin types and specific benefits.

We also have essential oils in our collection, but they are explicitly mentioned as being those.


How much time do I have to leave them on my skin before washing them off?

PARAMA's face and body oils can be left on the skin without the need to wash them.

They are colourless and hence leave no colour stain on the clothes.

They are quick absorbing, especially if applied on a slightly moist skin, since the quantity of oil required is very little to get the same benefit. No surface coating is visible within 5 minutes of application, and are completely absorbed within 5-10 minutes. If clothes are worn after that, there is no likelihood of any oil stain either.


I have an allergy prone skin. Will PARAMA Face and Body Oils work for me?

PARAMA oils are all hypo-allergenic. They are especially designed keeping in mind the allergic reactions that people have to different chemicals or additives, colours, fragrances and fillers used in products which claim to have natural ingredients. They are also balanced for different skin types and conditions. However, in case of very strong allergies, we recommend the NIGHT (INTENSE) REPAIR or the MOISTURISING FACE&BODY. The LITE Face Oil  has some amount of fractionated coconut oil, which is a processed oil, and can contain trace elements of chemicals. So if you have a hypo-allergenic skin, do a patch test of the oils before use.


Can I use PARAMA Face and Body Oils before going out in the sun?

These oils have natural sun screening properties, for example traces of zinc in the sesame oil and turmerones in the turmeric oil. Apply the MOISTURISING or the LITE Face Oil a few minutes before you go out, and then the sun-block lotion will become superfluous. In case you still do get a sun-burn, apply the NIGHT (INTENSE) Face Oil which will soothen the inflammation and also lighten the dark patch.


Are PARAMA oils suitable for oily skin?

PARAMA oils are quick absorbing. They do not leave the skin feeling oily except for a few minutes. The MOISTURISING Face & Body Oil is suitable for all skin types including acne-prone oily skin. The LITE Face Oil is a light-density oil, and is also suited for oily skin types. Even the NIGHT (INTENSE) REPAIR oil is fine in an air-conditioned or dry climate, but should be used with caution for acne-prone oily skins.


I have an acne problem. Will these oils make it worse?

The MOISTURISING and the LITE oils are well suited for acne-prone skin. The anti-oxidants and  anti-bacterials in turmeric and the cold pressed oils of coconut, sesame and almond help prevent and also dry up the acne. They also work on preventing removing the acne scars that get created. The NIGHT (INTENSE) REPAIR face oil is good to lighten the post acne scars. Use it once the acne is dried up.


Can I use PARAMA oils for deep pore cleansing or removing make-up?

The NIGHT (INTENSE) REPAIR  Face Oil and the MOISTURISING FACE & BODY Oil both act as deep pore cleansers for dirt, make-up, pollutants, grime. Apply liberally on the face and neck. Massage with your fingers in upward circular motion. Wipe with cotton wads or face tissue paper. Rinse with cool water.

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