With an endeavour to bring back the benefits of ancient traditions in a range of highly pure, effective and safe products for busy modern lives, PARAMA NATURALS uses only highly effective and pure plant extracts like supercritical CO2 extracts, essential oils and cold-pressed plant oils of 

time-tested power-houses of nature. They are used in appropriate measures to ensure efficacy when even a little amount of the product. is used.

Each ingredient has multiple benefits. These benefits are listed in ancient Ayurvedic texts, books on aromatherapy and corroborated by modern scientific research. 

Efficacy and purity is ensured by using plant extracts of the purest and highest quality of ingredients, most of which are food grade and active-ingredient-rich supercritical CO2 extracts.

CO2 extracts are approved by the Ayurveda Pharmacoepia and the Ayush Ministry. They are also approved by international agencies like the USFDA, IFOAM, Japan and European standards. Some are steam-distilled essential oils. The bases are only virgin cold-pressed natural oils or seed butters, which retain the natural fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and hence, have therapeutic effects. 


Supercritical fluid extraction using carbon-dioxide or CO2-SCFE extraction is a technologically advanced process. It is rapidly gaining acceptance as the most preferred extraction technology the world over for natural extraction of relatively non-polar aromatic compounds. 

  • The flavour and odour profiles of the extracts area as closes possible to the original raw material
  • Selective extractions are possible by precisely tuning the extraction process and parameters
  • The CO2-SCFE process ensures that no harmful solvents, chemicals or chemical residues are present in the extract
  • The extract retains the character, complexity, delicacy and the freshness, smell and taste close to natural which is most essential for the food, fragrance and pharmaceutical industries.
  • There is no loss of volatile components during the extraction process
  • CO2 is inert and does not react with any of the substrates to form allied products
  • CO2 prevents oxidation of the extract
  • Selective fractionation and extraction of almost all active nodes
  • Suitable for thermally unstable or thermo-labile products
  • The extract retains the character and complexity of the plant source

Supercritical CO2 extracts are pure and safe for human consumption with no organic solvents or solvent residues:

  • CO2 is non-toxic
  • No use of organic solvents and no solvent residues which may be harmful for human consumption
  • CO2 contains no inorganic salts or heavy metals
  • CO2 retards microbial/bacterial growth in the extraction process
  • No extraction of the pesticidal substances from primary flora
  • CO2 is certified as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) as per USFDA
  • CO2 meets California Proposition 65 requirements
  • CO2 is certified as a safe solvent as per the Directive of the European Parliament and Council for food ingredients
  • CO2 is well-accepted by the International Federation of Organic Movement (IFOAM)
  • CO2 is acceptable as a food additive by the Japanese Specifications and Standards for Food and Food Additives


Some of the key ingredients used are listed below


Turmeric (हल्दी, हरिद्र or Curcuma longa) is India’s ancient secret ingredient for skincare and wellness. 

We all know that TURMERIC, is inextricably woven into the fabric of Indian culture through cultural ceremonies, rituals, and daily life. It was recommended in the Ayurvedic texts for its protective, preventive, therapeutic, balancing, healing and cosmetic properties. Modern science acknowledges its immunity-boosting, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-anxiety, soothing, stimulating anti-oxidant properties. It was applied regularly for babies, children, teenagers, brides-to-be, young couples, women of all ages, to counter the effects of age, environment and life-style, and to prevent and address specific issues like acne, blemishes, scars and uneven skin tone. So application of turmeric paste on the skin gives a protective shield (हल्दी का सुरक्षा कवच) from the ravages of the environment, time or hectic lifestyles.

Despite these benefits, Turmeric has stopped being a main-stream skincare ingredient that people used in their daily lives. Why? As modern lives became busy and fast-paced, application of turmeric became unappealing because it was yellow staining for the skin and clothes, messy and time-consuming, as one had to leave them on for a while before washing off.

PARAMA NATURALS has brought back the magic of turmeric into daily use in busy modern lives through a range of turmeric-powered 100% natural skincare and wellness essentials. They are stain-free quick-absorbing, non-greasy, convenient and quick to use on-the-go especially suited for busy people who need to juggle work, chores at home, personal health and well-being of the family. Everyone can now get the benefits of turmeric application on the face and body in just 2 minutes.

The cornerstone of Parama Naturals' Turmeric-powered 100% Natural Blends for skincare and wellness is a stain-free turmeric oil, extracted using the CO2 supercritical extraction process, a 100% solvent-free process, and regarded as safe (GRAS) as per USDA.

This stain-free turmeric extract, the turmerone-rich extracted turmeric essential oil is combined together with cold pressed oils of Coconut, Sesame, Sweet Almond, Castor, Kokum. All these are powerhouses of nature; they nourish the skin and work on different skin issues like blemishes, pigmentation, dark circles, wrinkles, suntan, etc. With no added fragrances, and from the natural calming aroma of turmeric which lasts for a few minutes only, these oils also work well for people with very sensitive skins or allergies to strong fragrances.

The formulations are only with the ingredients that are mentioned on the products. 100% natural, with no added chemicals, colours, fragrances or fillers; made from food grade ingredients.

Our special formulations enable the benefits of turmeric to be absorbed by the skin without going through the time-consuming traditional process of Haldi Ubtan (Turmeric pack), in less than 1 minute!!


Benefits of Turmeric (Haldi, Haridra, Curcuma longa) Oil

Properties of Turmeric for skincare

  • Medicinal use - with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, deep cleansing and detoxifying properties suited for Vrana, Kushta and Sitapitta (skin infections, bacterial infections, darkening of skin patches, urticaria, hives, skin inflammations, yellow pustular acne, blackheads, white-heads, general excessive oiliness)
  • Reference:
    • The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India, Part I Vol I
    • Saarth Bhavaprakash, Mishra Prakaran


Benefits of Coconut (Naliker-Dridhaphala, Cocos nucifera) Oil

  • Medicinal use - with anti-inflammatory properties well-suited to calm the pitta vikruti, which is responsible for rashes, inflammation, itching, premature wrinkling, discoloration of natural pigmentation. Also suited for specific problems like Daha (skin discoloration) and Raktapitta (burning sensation due to extended exposure to heat and sun)
  • Reference:
    • The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India, Part I Vol III
    • Saarth Bhavaprakash, Mishra Prakaran



Benefits of Sesame (Tila, Sesamum indicum) Oil


  • Medicinal use - well-suited to calm the vata vikruti, which is responsible for dryness, dry patches, hard skin, itching. Also suited for specific skin problems like Kushta
  • Reference:
    • The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India, Part I Vol IV
    • Saarth Bhavaprakash



Benefits of Sweet Almond (Badaam, Prunus amygdalus) Oil 

  • Medicinal use – well-suited to calm the vata vikruti, it helps in nourishing and hydrating dry skin
  • Reference:
    • Saarth Bhavaprakash



Benefits of Ginger (Sunthi, Zingiber officinale) Oil

  • Medicinal use - with anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and carminative properties suited for balancing all the vikrutis like Amavata, Adhmana, Svasa, Pandu (indigestion, abdominal distension, breathing difficulty, weakness)
  • Reference:
    • The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India, Part I Vol I
    • Saarth Bhavaprakash, Mishra Prakaran



Benefits of Neem (Nimba, Azadirachta indica) Oil

Medicinal use - with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying properties suited for Vrana, Kushta, Sotha and Visavikara (skin infections, bacterial infections, urticaria, hives, skin inflammations, yellow pustular acne, blackheads, white-heads)


  • The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India, Part I Vol V
  • Saarth Bhavaprakash, Mishra Prakaran



Benefits of Castor (Eranda, Ricinus communis) Oil 

Medicinal use - with anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties well-suited to calm the vata vikruti, which is responsible for dryness and skin breaking. Also suited for specific problems like Amavata


  • The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India, Part I Vol III
  • Saarth Bhavaprakash, Mishra Prakaran


7. Ingredients used in the Nourishing Hair Oil

    • Anti-oxidant-rich Amla and balancing Triphala
      • Prevents premature greying
      • Reduces hair fall 
    • Calming Brahmi
      • Reduces stress and anxiety
      • Reduces hair breakage and fall 
    • Nourishing Curry leaf and Onion Seeds
      • Strengthening from hair follicles to tip
      • Promotes healthy hair
    • Rejuvenating Bhringaraj and Hibiscus
      • Aids hair growth
      • Prevents premature greying 
    • Purifying and anti-fungal Turmeric, Rosemary and Neem 
      • Reduces scalp itchiness and dandruff
      • Soothes inflamed scalp
    • Deep-penetrating and circulation-boosting Sesame
      • Stimulates and improves blood circulation
      • Repairs dry, damaged, stressed and brittle hair
    • Cooling Coconut
      • Detangles and conditions
      • Makes frizzy hair manageable
    • Detoxifying Methi
      • Dandruff control
      • Hair fall reduction


7. Ingredients used in the Enriching Exfoliator Face & Body Scrub, Ubtan Powder

Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia), Arjun Tvak (Terminalia arjuna), Vacha (Acorus calamus), Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Ambehalad (Curcuma aromatica), Chandan (Santalum album), Sugandhi Kachora (Curcuma zeodaria), Mushta (Cyperus rotundus), Ushira (Vetiveria zizanioides), Masoor (Lens culinaris)

  • Sandalwood (Chandan, Santalum album)
    • Cooling
    • Soothing
  • Curcuma amada (Ambehalad, Mango Ginger)
    • Skin-clarifying
    • Glowing skin
  • Vacha (Acorus, calamus)
    • Glowing skin
    • Skin-clarifying
  • Yashtimadhu
    • Age-defying
  • Manjishtha
    • Balancing
    • Acne-preventing
  • Arjun Twak
  • Sugandhi Kachora
    • Refreshing
  • Mushta
  • Vetiver
    • Cooling
  • Masoor Dal
    • Smoothing
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