Anti-Acne Face Oil Serum With Lavender & Turmeric For Acne-Prone Skin, 8ml

₹ 275
This light moisturizing day oil with natural powerhouses Turmeric and Lavender, is great for skin clarifying and for mood uplifting. Non - greasy, quick-absorbing face oil for an instant glow and relaxing the mind. Best suited for – all skin types, especially acne-prone or oily skin with large pores. Good for...

This light moisturizing day oil with natural powerhouses Turmeric and Lavender, is great for skin clarifying and for mood uplifting. Non - greasy, quick-absorbing face oil for an instant glow and relaxing the mind.

    Best suited for – all skin types, especially acne-prone or oily skin with large pores. Good for teens onwards.

    ***For those allergic to lingering or strong smells, try the Turmeric All-Day Lite Face Oil

    Lavender-Turmeric All-Day Lite Face Oil: Virgin Cold-pressed and Fractionated Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera), Cold-pressed Sesame Oil (Sesamum indicum), Cold-pressed Almond Oil (Prunus amygdalus), Turmeric Essential Oil (Curcuma longa CO2 extract), Lavender Essential Oil (Lavendula augustifolia) AND NOTHING ELSENo added chemicals, preservatives, colours, fragrance. No mineral oil. Only the healing power of plants!

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    Manufactured for: Satvayur Naturals LLP
    1st Floor, 8 Panchsheel Park, Aundh, Pune 411007, India
    Manufactured by: Spring Flower Herbals
    Plot 21, 77/7 Dangat Vasti, Off NDA Road, Shivane, Pune 411023, India
    Made in India. Handcrafted, Artisanal, Small batch production

    1. Post-bath moisturiser - After bath or face cleansing with a natural cleanser. Pat dry. Apply on face and neck in circular upward motion, and especially in the under-eye area. Leave on and let it work its magic throughout the day.

    2. Anytime moisturizer - Apply directly on face, neck and hands (similar to the above method)

    3. As a base under any other cosmetics - Apply directly on face and neck to give a protective coat, before using other cosmetics which may have chemicals in them.

    • What is the difference between the Lavender LITE, the Lavender MOISTURISING and the Lavender OVERNIGHT Oils, They all seem to have the same ingredients?
    - Each of these oils are made with Turmeric & Lavender extract in bases on virgin cold pressed coconut oil, cold-pressed sesame and sweet almond oils, each of which act on different layers of the skin, and have a combination of effects on the skin. While the turmeric in all the 3 oils is the same, but the proportion of base oils are vary and hence have very different effects on our skin.
    - The Lavender MOISTURIZING Hand & Body Oil has a higher proportion of sesame oil, which is better for long-lasting moisturising, and also for improved natural sun-screening properties which augment those of turmeric. The sesame oil is also deeper penetrating and has elastin-repairing properties, which work at deeper issues like scars and marks.
    - The Lavender OVERNIGHT face oil has a higher proportion of Virgin Cold-pressed Coconut Oil and Almond Oil, which are better for collagen boosting, fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes.
    - The Lavender LITE, apart from virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, has a proportion of fractionated coconut oil, to reduce its comedogenic property, enable faster absorption and to prevent it from freezing during colder climates.

    •  I am very confused as to which FACE oil I should use?
    - Based on skin types and need: As a base case, we recommend one to first try the Lavender MOISTURIZING Hand & Body oil. It works on most skin types like combination to dry skin and has the widest range of applications. It works well for moisturising during winter or in dry climates. As a worst case scenario, if you find it too oily, you can use it for your body, where it will suit all body types.
    - Oily acne-prone skin or combination skin: Lavender ALL-DAY LITE Face Oil
    - Regular to dry skin or for specific issues: Lavender OVERNIGHT Face oil & Serum

    •  At what age can one start using PARAMA oils?
    - Our products are 100% natural and suitable for everyone, infants too.
    - The earlier one starts using PARAMA Face & Body Oils, the better it is!

    •  Are PARAMA oils suitable for everyone?
    - Our products are 100% natural and suitable for all ages, infants, pregnant ladies, and especially people with sensitive skins.
    - Parama oils are formulated keeping in view the variations in skin types, combinations of body types namely vata, pitta and kapha, and all ages.

    •  Do I need any other moisturisers or face products after using the oil?
    - No other oils, moisturisers or creams are required after you use PARAMA oils as they do the combined work of a serum and a moisturiser. In case of extra dry patches or extra moisturising effect required, you could try one of the butters which has added Kokum butter.

    •  Can I use the MOISTURISING, LITE and INTENSE oils at once?
    - Yes, depending on your skin’s needs and your lifestyle you can use the Lavender MOISTURIZING or LITE after your bath in the morning, the LITE can be applied during the day if you need extra moisturising or a makeover and the Lavender OVERNIGHT at night before you sleep for specific issues that you may have. During very dry weather, we recommend you use the MOISTURISING on the face during the day.

    •  Can I use it with my other cosmetics ?
    - Yes. These oils are compatible for use with all other cosmetics. In fact, they help create a protective layer. The Lavender LITE oil can also be used as a foundation for make-up. Allow a maximum of 5 minutes for it to penetrate. And then you can apply any other cosmetic that you wish to use. In all probability, over time, you will find lesser and lesser need to apply a foundation.

    • Are PARAMA oils essential oils?
    - Essential oils are like the spices that you add to a dish. In normal usage, essential oils cannot be used directly on the skin; they need to be used in a base of other oils or creams or lotions with a concentration of not more than 1-3%.
    - PARAMA Oils are formulations made with specific essential oils in bases of natural carrier oils, suited for different skin types and specific benefits.
    - We also have essential oils in our collection, but they are explicitly mentioned as being those.

    •  How much time do I have to leave them on my skin before washing them off?
    - PARAMA's face and body oils can be left on the skin without the need to wash them.
    - They are colourless and hence leave no colour stain on the clothes.
    - They are quick absorbing, especially if applied on a slightly moist skin, since the quantity of oil required is very little to get the same benefit. No surface coating is visible within 5 minutes of application, and are completely absorbed within 5-10 minutes. If clothes are worn after that, there is no likelihood of any oil stain either.

    •  Can I use PARAMA Face and Body Oils before going out in the sun?
    - These oils have natural sun screening properties, for example traces of zinc in the sesame oil and turmerones in the turmeric oil.
    - Apply the Lavender MOISTURIZING or the Lavender LITE Face Oil a few minutes before you go out, and then the sun-block lotion will become superfluous.
    - In case you still do get a sun-burn, apply the Lavender OVERNIGHT which will soothen the inflammation and also lighten the dark patch.

    •  Are PARAMA oils suitable for oily skin?
    - PARAMA oils are quick absorbing. They do not leave the skin feeling oily except for a few minutes.
    - The Lavender MOISTURIZING Hand & Body Oil is suitable for all skin types including acne-prone oily skin.
    - The Lavender LITE Face Oil is a light-density oil, and is also suited for oily skin types.
    - Even the Lavender OVERNIGHT Face Oil & Serum is fine in an air-conditioned or dry climate, but should be used with caution for acne-prone oily skins.

    • I have an acne problem. Will these oils make it worse?
    - The Lavender MOISTURIZING and the LITE oils are well suited for acne-prone skin. The anti-oxidants and anti-bacterials in turmeric and the cold pressed oils of coconut, sesame and almond help prevent and also dry up the acne. They also work on preventing removing the acne scars that get created.
    - The OVERNIGHT Face Oil & Serum is good to lighten the post acne scars. Use it once the acne is dried up.
    1.Radiant, Glowing Skin : The Turmeric -Lavender All Day Lite Face Oil enhance your skin’s natural radiance, leaving it luminous and glowing. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to a vibrant complexion that turns heads.
    2. Even Skin Tone : This face oil helps even out your skin tone, diminishing the appearance of discoloration and promoting a more uniform complexion. Enjoy a balanced and harmonious skin tone that boosts your confidence.
    3.Intense Moisturization : Our face oil deeply moisturizes your skin, providing long-lasting hydration without feeling heavy or greasy. It nourishes and replenishes your skin, leaving it soft, supple, and moisturized throughout the day.
    4. Natural Protection : Formulated with natural ingredients, this face oil acts as a protective shield against sun damage, aging, pollution, harsh chemicals, and cosmetics. It helps defend your skin, keeping it healthy and resilient.
    5. Clean and Sustainable: Parama Naturals is committed to clean beauty and sustainability. Our face oil is free from harmful chemicals, parabens and synthetic fragrances. It is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced.

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