Parama Naturals is a range of turmeric-powered 100% natural daily essential products for skincare and wellness.

Inspired by ancient traditions of Ayurveda, backed by scientific theory, time-tested ingredients, which are effective and pure, sustainable for oneself over a lifetime with no long term side effects, and sustainable for the planet too.

Effective, multi-purpose formulations, our products are as versatile as the powerhouses with which they are made: turmeric, ginger, neem, coconut, sesame, almond, castor, kokum. Our products protect, beautify and heal! They act at multiple levels and help to bring out and nurture one's inner beauty and radiance!

The PARAMA PROMISE and 7 reasons why Parama products should be your SKINCARE COMPANION for life:

  • Effective stain-free formulations which prevent and work on several common skincare issues, to help one look good and feel great, powered with all-encompassing Turmeric, India's ancient skincare ingredient
  • Nourishing, collagen boosting, elastin repairing skin care products with 100% natural, mineral, vitamin and anti-oxidant rich bases of coconut, sesame, almond, kokum  
  • Certified by the FDA with time-tested ingredients of high quality and purity and formulations, inspired by Ayurveda and Indian traditions, corroborated by scientific research, effectiveness ensured through composition and trials
  • No added chemicals, preservatives, artificial fragrances, fillers, mineral oil. Not even water
  • Balanced and hypoallergenic, suitable for the entire family, all ages and skin types, especially for babies, pregnant women, senior citizens, hyper-sensitive skins
  • Easy to use, anytime, anywhere, on-the-go!! Non-greasy, quick absorbing, non-staining. Can be used as a base protective coat for your skin with other cosmetics or personal care products too
  • Versatile, multipurpose products that are sustainable for the self, society and planet!! 

Pamper yourself with the quick-absorbing, non-staining essentials, which can be used anywhere, anytime. Just 2-5 minute daily routines give you the benefit of elaborate 20 minute routines. For example, the Parama Naturals' Turmeric Face and Body Oils derive their inspiration from the Indian tradition of haldi ubtan / haridra lepa (turmeric paste application) and the abhyanga (oil application) routine. To suit modern lifestyles, a daily 2-minutes application of these oils, help hydrate and moisturise the skin, slow down the normal rate of skin degeneration, replenish cells in the skin depleted due to harsh chemicals, age, hormonal imbalances or negligence, and heal the skin tissue at different layers. All without the mess, the stains and the time!


Recommended daily top-to-toe self-care routine, inspired by the Ayurvedic Dinacharya and Abhyanga Routine and Lepa traditions, the PARAMA NATURALS products can be used in the following manner -

Morning or anytime - bath (shower) and post-bath (shower) routine :


  • Use ENRICHING EXFOLIATOR Face & Body Scrub as a soap-free cleanser or TURMERIC Soap (if required for critical uses)
  • Post bath, apply MOISTURISING Face & Body Oil on damp body as a moisturiser (on face too, for dry skin).
  • For oily or combination skin, use ALL-DAY LITE Face Oil for mild moisturising and toning on face. 
      • Post hair wash, apply NOURISHING Hair Oil on hair and scalp as serum for conditioning
      • For frizzy or extra dry hair, use the MULTIPURPOSE BUTTER for grooming hair (and beard, if required).

        Night routine (before sleep):

          CLEANSE & SCRUB: 
          • Wash face using the ENRICHING EXFOLIATOR Face & Body Scrub as a cleanser
          • Apply NIGHT REPAIR Face Oil on face and neck for rejuvenating mature skin and ageing skin cells. Focus on under-eye area.
          • For acne-prone skin, use ALL-DAY LITE Face Oil 
          • For dry skin, use MOISTURISING Face & Body Oil 
          SLEEP SUPPORT:
          • Massage ZINGIBER Body Oil on feet, shoulders, neck, ears for relaxation and aiding sleep
          HAIR CARE:
            • Apply NOURISHING Hair Oil on scalp for deep conditioning and nourishment

            SPECIAL APPLICATIONS (preferably post bath or shower):

            1. SOLID DEO BUTTER for underarms, sweat-prone skin-folds and fungal-prone intimate areas and feet (if you wear shoes and socks). Or simply for fragrant moisturising.
            2. MULTIPURPOSE BUTTER for extra-moisturising lips, face, body or grooming hair, beard
            3. CLARIFYING FACE & BODY BUTTER for acne patches or dry, itchy skin (like psoriasis or eczema) 
            4. LAVENDER-TURMERIC ALL-DAY LITE FACE OIL - Light moisturising and skin-toning with uplifting Himalayan Lavender
            5. LAVENDER-TURMERIC MOISTURISING FACE & BODY OIL - Long-lasting moisturising with uplifting Himalayan Lavender
            6. LAVENDER-TURMERIC NIGHT REPAIR - Skin rejuvenation with uplifting Himalayan Lavender




            More details the "Our Philosophy" which governs the how's and why's 

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