Over the years, during my personal and professional life, I had several experiences which fitted together like a jigsaw and triggered the start of PARAMA NATURALS. 

  • The allergies our baby daughter had, even to skincare products like baby oils and moisturizers which led us to identify probable causes and research ingredients, to understand their ill-effects on health
  • A journey into holistic healing, discovery of the delights of ancient wisdom and time-tested ingredients, and how the skin, which absorbs everything, can be a powerful medium for wellness
  • Investment in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for highly pure, effective and chemical-free herbal extracts, including a potent stain-free anti-oxidant rich turmeric oil extract
  • Busy schedules during a busy corporate career and as a stay-at-home mum which left little time for self-care, forcing a compromise on convenience over purity

All these made me realize that there was a need to bring back the benefits of time-tested traditions and pure ingredients in a range of effective formulations which were convenient for daily use in modern, busy lives. To help people feel good and look great, without the worry of short or long-term side effects. 

Initially, I decided to focus on daily essentials which are critical from a long-term health and wellness point of view. For example, leave-on skincare products like moisturizers which are applied on babies and used on large parts of the body throughout the year, serums that have deep-penetrating actions, some of the active ingredients and finally, emollients or soothing balms which are applied for chronic conditions or long-term use.

One of the cornerstones of our products is Turmeric, India's ancient secret for skincare and wellness, which is recommended for use from babies onwards. PARAMA NATURALS uses a highly potent essential oil of turmeric, extracted from virgin turmeric rhizomes, rich in antioxidants and turmerones, which is highly effective for skincare, because it serves to protect, prevent, heal and beautify. This was corroborated by family & friends on whom these products were tested first. They shared that the turmeric face & body oils brought a glow to dull skin, reversing early signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles, reducing dark circles, evening out the skin tone, soothing sun-burn, lightening scars and blemishes, and softened rough skin. They protected, they beautified, they healed! They acted at multiple levels and help to bring out and nurture one's inner beauty and radiance! Suddenly several people wanted the "oils that Geeta made"!

Extending this experiential learning, we worked towards creating a range of 100% natural daily essentials for skincare and wellness.

What started as a personal journey into wellness from the kitchen, developed into a passion and PARAMA NATURALS was born!

The ingredients used suit most people universally, the products are hypoallergenic, and ideal for people with sensitive skin. Made only with food-grade pure natural time-tested ingredients, the products are safe for pregnant mothers, babies and old people too.

Apart from the products themselves, PARAMA NATURALS is a platform that weaves in all domains that are close to my heart...health, heritage, education, empowerment, inclusivity, environment, sustainability for oneself and for the planet. 

We look forward to your taking that first step in being a part of this journey into self-care too, for using products that are sustainable for you over your life-time, to make you look good and feel great, naturally.

After all, the journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step.

Geeta (Co-founder, Parama Naturals)

(For a more detailed version about the birth of Parama Naturals--the triggers and experiences and how I tackled them, check out our blog "The Journey Behind Parama Naturals'.)



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