Atomic Gifts - The Skin Rejuvenation or Abhyanga Snana Kit (Diwali Special)

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₹ 350
Gifts because you care - While you gift our authentic foods to your loved ones, introduce some authentic traditions, too, through atomic gifts for self-care & wellness – and be thanked everyday by them.

The Skin Rejuvenation or Abhyanga Snana Kit (Diwali Special)
Diwali is never complete without the tradition of the Abhyanga Snana on Naraka Chaturdashi, and the day after. - a cleansing and exfoliation routine with Haldi-Chandan Uthna (or ubtan) and a rejuvenating moisturising oil bath, to get you ready for the festive season and the oncoming winter.

The contents of this pack are -
Turmeric Moisturizing Face & Body Oil (5ml) - Post-shower full-body application, to tone the skin's complexion and texture, and protect from the harsh effects of the sun and pollution to get the combined benefits of turmeric paste application or Haldi Ubtan (Lepa) and oil massage (Abhyanga)
Enriching Exfoliator Face & Body Scrub (20g) - Soap-free cleanser, exfoliator with benefits of Haldi-Chandan Uthna to prevent accumulation of dead skin and impurities, and rejuvenate dull and lifeless skin
Nourishing Hair Oil (5ml) - Herb-enriched balanced formulation for massaging the head (shiro abhyanga) for healthy hair, while nourishing the roots and conditioning the hair, and addressing most common hair issues. Use also as post-wash leave in serum
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