Atomic Gifts - Acne Control Carry-along Kit

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Gifts because you care

Introduce your loved ones to small, consistent daily routines and atomic habits for self-care & wellness – and be thanked everyday by them.

The Acne-control Carry-along Kit 

Hormonal changes, weather, pollution, lifestyle and several skin care products can all lead to acne and pimples. An all-round self-care routine kit to prevent acne and lighten acne scars. Convenient to use any-time anywhere on-the-go.

  • Clarifying Face & Body Butter -  (15g) For detoxifying, moisturizing and soothing acne-prone, sensitive and rough skin with Neem and Turmeric which work to counter the acne-causing bacteria, and non-pore blocking soothing Kokum Butter
  • Enriching Exfoliator Face & Body Scrub (20g) - Soap-free cleanser, exfoliator to prevent accumulation of acne-causing dead-skin and impurities. Also helps to lighten acne scars.
  • Nourishing Hair Oil  (5ml) - Balanced formulation to reduce itchy, dry and scaly scalp like dandruff which leads to acne on back, neck and forehead. Use also as post wash leave in serum and conditioner

Handcrafted and packed with love for gifting your loved ones. Gift-wrapped in a potli and hand-crafted box.  

ADD: Festive potlis or diyas made by the community women through our collaborative efforts in creating sustainable livelihoods at the grassroots. Support our endeavour and light up the lives of others too!

Celebrate Each & Every Day the PARAMA Way!


When & for whom? 

Perfect for family & friends - Show them you care by gifting Parama Naturals skin care and wellness products as gifts, return gifts or add-ons to hampers

  • Anytime, anyone, all ages, especially tweens & teens onwards 
  • As gifts and return gifts for birthdays
  • Indian traditional functions like Karwa Chauth,   Golu, Haldi-Kumkum, Teej and Gowri Habba with the auspicious Turmeric in a usable format.
  • All other celebrations since self-care, wellness and beauty are appreciated by all



1 - Tiny, yet power-packed gifts, with multiple and recurring benefits 

Good things come in small packages. Happy and festive times are the perfect opportunity to gift yourself and your loved ones with Parama Naturals skin and healthcare products, because you are gifting them -

  • Superior, luxurious, 100% natural products that are effective & safe with ZERO harmful chemicals
  • Tiny, convenient packaging which helps people check out what works best for them in small but consistent doses to see actual benefits.
  • Convenience to use on-the-go so as to never miss their daily skincare routine even as they travel, so that they can create consistent good habits
  • The gift of time. The combined benefits of Haldi Ubtan (Lepa) and Abhyanga, typical 20-minute routines, in just 2 minutes, without the mess or the stains.
  • Freedom from skincare issues with India's ancient secret for beauty, skincare and wellness, Turmeric, in stain-free quick-absorbing formulations which work magic on the skin 24x7

Parama Naturals products are as convenient and easy to use as the mainstream lotions and creams that you are so used to. So you can eliminate the need for chemical-based products which may harm your body over time.

Parama Naturals: Effective - Convenient - Safe

2 - Rediscover Ancient Traditions for Modern Lives

TURMERICHaldi, Haridra, Manjal, is India's ancient secret for skincare & wellness. It is inextricably woven into the fabric of Indian culture through cultural ceremonies, rituals, and daily life. It has been recommended in Ayurvedic texts for its protective, preventive, therapeutic, balancing, healing and cosmetic properties 

Turmeric paste was applied regularly for babies, children, teenagers, brides-to-be, young couples, women of all ages, to counter the effects of age, environment and life-style, and to prevent and address specific issues like acne, blemishes, scars and uneven skin tone. Forgotten traditions, busy lives, the characteristic yellow colour, the mess, the time-consuming routine of turmeric paste application discourage us from reaping the benefits of this powerful and magical turmeric in our modern-day lives.

Parama Naturals aims to bring back the multifarious benefits of Turmeric in a modern, easy-to-use format. Experience the healing touch of mother turmeric in stain-free formulations, combined with the soothing touch of cold-pressed oils. Get natural antioxidants in potent doses for protection from the harmful effects of environment, aging and chemicals.

Parama Naturals - The luxurious touch of purity 

3 - Sustainable for people and planet

Sustainable in concept, sustainable in creation, sustainable in usage, sustainable for the society, sustainable for the planet. Read more.


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