Follow this simple Pre-wedding Bridal Skincare Routine at home and look adorable on your D-day


So, you have finally decided to get hitched and the date has been set too. Congratulations! An Indian wedding is usually a grand affair and you need quite a lot of time to prepare for it. It’s time now to begin planning for your D-day to make it exceptionally special and memorable, especially for the two of you. You obviously want to look your best not just for the wedding but for months of post-wedding get-togethers too. So, a pre-wedding bridal skincare routine which can be done easily at home is what you need to start with immediately.

Achieving a glowing skin and healthy body is not possible overnight. It needs work but not necessarily hard work. Making small changes daily can work wonders if followed consistently. Ideally, one should start taking care of your skin 8-12 months ahead of the wedding day. However, in case you don’t have that much time, 2-3 months is sufficient provided you follow a good bridal skincare routine and wellness routine consistently. But its never too late to get started. Even if you have only 1 month or even 1 week left in the lead-up time before the wedding, we have some quick remedies for you. We know it will be a busy time for you, so we have chalked out a simple and sustainable, natural pre-bridal skincare and hair care regimen, one which you can follow through at home not just till your wedding but later on as well.

But before that, here are some important tips for natural pre-bridal skincare for you to follow to achieve that perfect bridal look you have in mind.


tips for bridal skincare at home

15 Tips for pre-wedding bridal skincare at home

Start with the basics. You want your skin to glow on the wedding day, so you need to make sure it is healthy from within. Most skin issues can be resolved with simple lifestyle changes like a healthy diet, adequate exercise and keeping yourself hydrated. However, many skin conditions like acne. acne marks, Pigmentation and dry skin patches may take time get corrected. So, it is advisable to start as early as possible.

  1. Healthy Diet : You are what you eat… it’s as simple as that. Throw out the junk food from your pantry and switch to healthy, balanced, home-cooked wholesome meals. This will not only nourish your body but also keep you satiated for longer periods of time and prevent binge eating. Include loads of fresh fruits, juices and green vegetables in your diet to get rid of all toxins and give you a glowing, clear skin. Increase your intake of fruits and veggies, include smoothies and soups with a variety of produce to get maximum benefit. A fit and energetic body is what you need the most to look your best.
  2. Stay Hydrated

    Drink 2-3 litres of water a day without fail to keep your skin supple and soft. There’s no better moisturiser than pure water. Water plumps up your skin cells making the skin look younger and smoother. Avoid sugary and/or caffeinated drinks or alcohol and stick to lemonade, simple vegetable juices, coconut water or just plain water.

  3. Exercise Daily

    Not just to shed off those excess kilos but also to have a stronger, fitter and well-toned body and increased energy level. Daily exercise improves your metabolism and blood circulation while all that sweat due to exercise eliminates all toxins from deep within your skin. This makes the skin cells healthier and helps in rejuvenating them faster. So, ensure that you spend at least an hour doing some form of exercise. Don’t forget to use Parama Naturals’ Zingiber oil on all muscles and joints post exercise to keep them lubricated and pain-free.

natural skincare routine for brides

Avoid chemicals in your skincare or makeup products. These might give instant results but are damaging in the long run. Studies have found many chemicals being used in skincare products to be harmful for humans and the planet. Some may even cause allergic reactions which you really wouldn’t want so close to your wedding day, So, take a leaf out of your grandmother’s beauty book and stick to natural products and home remedies to get skin that is healthy and beautiful inside out. Raid your kitchen for natural ingredients to make DIY packs. Parama Naturals makes life easier for you by offering blends of 100% natural, potent ingredients like Turmeric, Lavendar, virgin, cold-pressed oils of coconut, almond and sesame, neem etc. in their skincare products. As pure and effective as your homemade DIY skincare remedies but more convenient and time-saving for you.

5. Daily Body Massage

Take out some time for a regular body massage. An Ayurvedic body massage or daily Abhyanga helps in sloughing off dead skin cells while deeply nourishing, toning and relaxing the body. If you are trying to lose weight, a deep tissue massage can also help break cellulite and prevent and lighten stretch marks. A daily body massage with the Turmeric Face and Body Oil nourishes, hydrates and soothes your skin while making it smooth and supple. For areas which are stiff or have cellulite, you can use the Ginger-Turmeric Parama Naturals' Zingiber Body Oil. It is deep-penetrating and will help in circulation, soothing sore muscles to reduce stiffness and tiredness and smoothing out the skin, too. Read our blog to learn more about performing a daily abhyanga here.


6. Cleansing Toning and Moisturizing

 Following a regular CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing) routine is a must to keep your skin healthy and problem-free against the daily onslaught of dust, pollution and other environmental factors. If you have not been doing it already, start immediately. Choose a natural-ingredients-based cleanser like Parama Naturals soap-free cleanser to gently cleanse your skin twice a day.

A cleanser deep cleans your skin and lets the pores breathe. It removes the excess sebum and debris of dust and dead skin cells from the pores making it easier for other products to penetrate the skin effectively. Steam your face once a week with a few drops of Turmeric Essential Oil added to the water to open up the pores and detoxify your skin completely.

Toning takes care of enlarged pores and tightens the skin. It also helps prevent breakouts. While Parama Naturals’ Turmeric All Day Lite Face oil tones and moisturizes the skin simultaneously, you could also use the Turmeric Essential oil with rose water instead to tone your skin after cleansing.

Moisturisers penetrate deep into the skin cells hydrating and nourishing them to keep them soft and supple. It is all the more important to use one if you have dry skin patches or suffer from skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema. Turmeric is an excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. In combination with deeply nourishing and moisturizing oils like those of Coconut, sesame and Almond, it can work wonders on such issues and keep dryness at bay.


  1. Exfoliate

    To remove accumulated dead skin cells and reveal brighter, fresh, younger skin underneath, exfoliate your skin twice a week. This gives your skin a thorough clean-up, un-clogs pores of the skin and prevents acne and blackheads. The Parama Naturals’ Enriching Exfoliator Face and Body Scrub gently exfoliates your skin brightening and rejuvenating it completely. It’s like a mini Haldi ceremony every week to prepare your skin for your special day.
  1. Protect against the sun

    While getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D through sunlight is good for the skin, the harsh rays of the sun can also damage it, sometimes irreversibly. Get your daily dose of sunlight, not heat, by taking a walk outdoors either before 10:00 a.m. or post 4:00 p.m. Using a sunscreen is essential to prevent your skin being damaged by the UV rays of the sun. Turmeric is a natural sunscreen and in combination with Aloe Vera, Sesame oil and coconut oil, it protects against sun damage. Parama Naturals Turmeric Face and Body oil not only acts as a mild sunscreen and protect against photo damage but also helps de-tan your skin. However, it is recommended that you keep your skin covered with light cotton clothes and use an umbrella/parasol whenever you step out in the sun, especially in the hot summer months. 
  1. Oiling of hair

    While you make your skin picture perfect, don’t forget to take care of your crowning glory—your tresses—as well. While a healthy diet rich in vitamins, biotin and protein is necessary to keep your hair strong and healthy, a regular oil massage from the outside seals the deal. A head massage with warm oil not only relaxes you after a hectic day but also moisturizes your scalp and nourishes the hair follicles to stimulate healthy growth. The Parama Naturals Nourishing Hair oil is blend of natural oils and potent herbs that are beneficial for healthy and strong hair. Apart from a weekly head massage before shampooing, you could also use 2-3 drops of the Parama Naturals oil as a serum to protect your hair from pollution and sun damage without the fear of making your head look greasy. So, whether you decide to tie it up, braid it or let it down for all the wedding ceremonies, your healthy mane will look as beautiful as your skin. 

  1. Hand and feet care

    You don’t want to expose dry callused hands and feet when your face glows as a bride, do you? Pay attention to your hands and feet too. Get a manicure and pedicure done professionally each month. Use the Parama Naturals Face and Body oil or the Multipurpose Butter to massage your hands and feet twice a day to keep the skin soft and smooth.
  1. Under eye care

    Sleep well. It’s not called ‘Beauty sleep’ for nothing. Your body repairs all its damaged, weakened cells while you sleep. It is also necessary to keep away those dark circles and tired eyes after all the online shopping for shaadi. You don’t want to look like a raccoon on your special day. So get 7-8 hours of deep, relaxing sleep each night. Use Parama Naturals Clarifying butter to massage your under-eye area lightly each night before going to bed. The massage will help boost circulation of blood while the clarifying butter penetrates the skin to moisturize, nourish and clarify the under-eye area.
  1. Face packs

    Pamper your skin once a week with a DIY face pack made of natural ingredients found in your kitchen depending on your skin concerns. You can use gramflour(besan), curd, raw milk, turmeric, aloe vera gel etc. to make nourishing and healing face packs for your skin. Or just add a few drops of raw milk/ rose water or just plain water to the Parama Naturals Enriching Exfoliator face and Body Scrub to make a paste and apply it all over your face. Wash off with plain water after 20 minutes or when the ubtan is completely dry. This haldi ubtan face pack nourishes and polishes your skin, reduces acne causing skin impurities and brightens your complexion.


  1. Manage Stress

    Last, but not the least, spend some me-time relaxing or meditating to keep your mind calm and organized in the midst of all the chaos around you. A daily dose of meditation can help calm those pre-wedding nerves and make you a poised and confident bride. Also spend a little time each day chatting and laughing with your loved ones. A relaxed and happy bride always exudes an inner radiant glow that no makeup can deliver.

  2. Sleep Well

    It goes without saying that a well-rested body is crucial for reducing stress, increased energy levels, sound immunity and, generally, your overall health.  Your body goes into repair mode when you are resting, relaxing your muscles, repairing each cell and producing growth hormones. This helps the skin produce more collagen for a tighter, plumper and blemish-free skin while removing dark circles and puffiness from the face. It also produces a growth hormone called melatonin, lack of which can cause hair loss. So, do not compromise on 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Use a few drops of Parama Naturals' Zingiber oil to help you relax, destress and have a restful sleep every night.  

A fit body, relaxed mind and clear, healthy and glowing skin is all you need to look and feel your very best on your special day

 Read on to find a simple yet effective pre-bridal routine that we have chalked out for you to follow with ease.


The pre-wedding routine for a glowing and radiant skin - ideal 3-6 months, optimum 1-2 months and at least 2 weeks before the D-Day

The Haldi ceremony has been an integral part of pre-nuptial rituals in an Indian wedding for ages. Although today it is conducted as a mere token celebratory ritual, its purpose was to detoxify the skin to remove impurities for both the bride and the groom and to get a golden glow for the wedding ceremony. In fact, this was done on a regular basis and definitely for a period of 2-3 months.

With hectic schedules, with work or studies going hand in hand with wedding preparations till the last day before the wedding, there is no time for such elaborate skincare routines which can take a minimum of 30 minutes each day. With Parama Naturals' Turmeric-powered products, which are quick-absorbing and non-staining, one can finish the routines in less than 5 minutes a day. Just apply the oils and butters and leave them on to work their magic 24 X 7.


Morning Routine 

  1. Face wash using the soap-free cleanser "Enriching Exfoliator Splash water on face. Take 1 pinch of the scrub in your hand. Apply gently on your face in circular motions (like you would apply soap / face wash). Take a pinch more for your neck and shoulders. Scrub mildly on the nose tip and around the nostrils (typically where dead skin accumulates and black-heads appear). Rinse.
  2. Moisturize and tone after face wash with the All-day Lite Face Oil. Take 1 squirt--max 2--and apply on the face and neck in circular and upward motions
  3. Post bath, on a moist body, apply just 1, max 2 pumps of the Moisturizing Hand & Body Oil on the entire body
  4. Apply the Deo Butter in your underarms, intimate areas and skin folds


Night Routine

  1. Face wash with just one pinch of the soap-free cleanser powder instead of any chemical-based face wash. Just mild application and wash.
  2. Apply the Clarifying Face Butter under eyes and on the face
  3. Hair Care - Apply a few drops of the Nourishing Hair Oil in the scalp, everyday preferably. No need to apply on the shafts. Hair wash after 2-3 days.
  4. Before sleep - Foot massage with Zingiber Body Oil for stress-relief, sound sleep and to wake up feeling refreshed. Also apply on shoulders, back of the neck, wrists, temples in case you're tired, stressed or sleep-deprived.

 So, follow these tips for natural pre-bridal skincare at home and shine like a diamond on your wedding day.

Help your fiance discover the power of Turmeric and natural skincare too with Parama Naturals' Men's Grooming kits. For more details on how the groom can look his best on the wedding day, check out our blog on Simplified Skincare Routine for Men.


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